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Monday, October 31, 2011

October is Over Already??

I cannot believe that the month of October is over already, but this fall month has proven to be my favorite month of the year yet again. This month is full of wonderful, exciting activities that transitions into colder weather.

Kicking off with the Purdue- Notre Dame football night game could not have been a better start- so many tailgates, so little time! Although we lost that game, it remains as one of the most enjoyable memories of my entire Purdue experience.

Another grand event of October is Fall Break! It not only gives the students a break from the daily study grind, but it also lets many people go home to visit their families, while others go on a mini-vacation. This year for fall break I went home to see my family and it charged me up to study for the midterms I had the following weeks.

My favorite part of October, though, is the changing from summer to fall. The air gets crisper, and the numerous trees decorating campus turn from a fresh green color to their fall disguise. Deep reds and brilliant golds contrast against the blue sky and bring the red brick of the buildings into full view. During this time of October, I fully notice the beauty of campus and realize how lucky I am to be able to call Purdue my home.

--- Lauren Rosswurm

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