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Boiler Up!!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August means back to school!

Honestly, after working all summer I couldn't wait to get back on campus. There is so much going on: call-outs, organizations, intramural, and social events. There is not a single evening in the first two months of school where you can't find an evening activity or some free food! All you have to do to find something to get you out of your room and into some fun is look at the fliers on the walls, the announcements scrolling all around, or even the chalk drawings on the ground! I can say without a doubt I was never bored my first semester at Purdue ever. I also get to see all my friends I made last year that I haven't seen all summer. Side note to any freshman reading this: get out of your high school comfort zone! You can still hang with your old friends, but there are so many other people to meet. You can make a ton of new friends by joining a team, a club, a study group, or even just living in a dorm. My other tip - which goes for anyone - is to join a club. There is a club for everything, literally everything, and you can join with no experience at all. Get out, get involved, and get social. That is my recipe for loving college life.

--- Andy Wiseman

Loving Classes!!!!!

The semester has begun and campus has come back to life. I started my classes last week and have really enjoyed them so far. One of the required classes I am taking is CSR 328 Apparel Art and Design (aka Fashion Illustration). It is taught by Susan Owens who is one of the main professors in the Apparel Design & Technology major. The first day of class she wanted to get us loosened up and get out creativity going so she planned some non-conventional exercises for our class. Our first instruction was to take large brown paper and draw a dress form which was placed in the center of the room. Seems simple enough, right? Wait there is a catch. We had to put the paper on the ground and draw using chalk that was taped to the end of a stick. To keep us fresh, she encouraged us to flip our paper, switch chalk colors, and change our prospective. Though everyone in the class was given the same subject to draw, each final product had its own unique style and interpretation. It was a great first day of Illustration class and I am looking forward to the semester!

--- Kelsey Leliaert

Forgot How Much I Love Purdue!

After being back at Purdue for a few weeks, I realized that I had forgotten how much I love it here. I love seeing the bustle of campus, and all of the students studying on the lawns and around the fountains. The nice weather really brings people outside, and it isn't uncommon to see groups of people outside throwing around a Frisbee or kicking a soccer ball back and forth. I even saw a guy lying in a hammock right beside an engineering building! However, it's not all just playing around, unfortunately. Along with coming back and seeing everyone on campus comes the start of classes, and let me just say, my schedule isn't exactly a piece of cake this semester!

My Mondays are killer - with classes starting at 8:30 and going until 4:30 with only a lunch break in between, I've got a rough start to the week, but I can't complain too much, because I really enjoy my classes this semester! For my Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences major I was told many times last year that it is key to get involved with a research lab on campus. This opportunity provides you with not only credits, but a closer relationship with your professor, and unique experiences working in a research setting! So far it's been fairly interesting, and I'm learning a lot about the processes and responsibilities of working in a lab. I'm excited to see what the rest of the semester brings!

--- Ariel Demoret

My Study Abroad Adventure – Madrid!

This past summer I had the opportunity to participate in Purdue’s Spanish Department Study Abroad Experience to Madrid, Spain. I was there for 6 weeks with about 30 other Purdue students, and it was the experience of a lifetime! Here’s a quick rundown of some of my favorite memories from my trip:

1. Being with my host family – Along with two other Purdue students, I lived in the home of a Spanish woman, Prado, and her middle-school son, Mario. My roommates Tola and Meghan are seen pictured here with Prado and Mario. We ate meals together, worked on homework with Mario, and had long conversations – all in Spanish of course! It was great to learn about Spanish culture from a native’s perspective. And the home stay experience definitely improved my Spanish speaking skills!

2. Taking classes – While in Madrid, I attended La Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, taking two classes toward my Spanish minor. One class was an art class, where we learned about Spanish history and how it related to art. We studied El Greco, Velasquez, and Goya, and every Thursday we went to the Prado Art Museum to see the paintings in real life! My other class was a food class taught by Purdue Professor Ana Gomez-Bravo. We were able to sample a TON of delicious cuisine from around the city, all while learning about its importance to Spanish culture.
3. Sightseeing – We covered a lot of ground in six weeks! Some of our most frequented hangout spots included La Plaza del Sol for some shopping, Retiro Park (see picture) for a relaxing afternoon in the gardens, and a little coffee shop in the center of the city that served the best Café Bonbon. It was so neat to see some of the more famous Madrid sights, like Plaza Mayor (see picture). We also did some extra traveling on the weekends to places like Seville, Barcelona, Toro, Zamora, Escorial, Granada, Toledo, and Segovia. All of these places were so culture-rich – I was seeing sites that I had read about in my years of Spanish classes! One of my favorite travel spots was our weekend in Barcelona. I got to see most of the Antoni Gaudí architecture, which was my dream to see someday. What a cool experience!

In summary, my trip to Spain this summer was amazing. I learned so much about Spanish culture – our classroom was the city, and it was our homework to explore life in Madrid. We became part of everyday life there – taking the public transportation, conversing with the locals, taking classes, and seeing the ancient sites. I would definitely recommend a study abroad experience to students – it’ll change you for the better!

--- Laurel Donaldson

The 2011 Purdue All-American Marching Band

Upon my returning to Purdue University for another year brought many tribulations of getting a new dorm room, having new, additional roommates, reacquainting with old friends, and of course returning to another year of being involved in Purdue’s All-American Marching Band. However in order to be in this band I had to go through a whole week of band camp, which took place the week before classes started here at Purdue. This would determine whether or not I would again be a part of the 2011 marching band.

I was fortune to be selected in the band last year and that allowed me to have some of the most amazing experiences in my life. Last fall the band had been invited to march in the 2010 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City so myself, along with 400+ students that were in the marching band, traveled 12 hours by bus to the “Big Apple” to be a significant part in this amazing celebration. Not only did we march in the parade but we were blessed to be the start of the parade! I had so much fun last year that I made the decision to be a returning veteran, along with some of my friends, to once again be a part of such an amazing group of people.

After a week of relearning the steps, playing music, and enduring the heat, I found out at the end of the week that I had once again been selected to be a member of “The Best D--- Band in the Land”! After a long, but exciting week I celebrated with my friends and ended the last day with a well deserved fountain run! I am proud to be a part of such a spirited and remarkable group of people. I am excited for the football season to commence so that once again we can lift the spirits of the Purdue fans with our incredible playing and marching. We truly are the best band in the land!

--- Alyssa Major

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wasn’t it May yesterday?

Finally, my summer is starting to wind down, so I can enjoy some much needed down time. Less than a week before classes, but I’ll take it! This has been by far the busiest summer of my life, but so rewarding.

I jumped right into things the Monday after finals in May. I traveled with a group of about 20 people from St. Mary’s Church (back in my hometown) to Guatemala. There, we visited a NPH (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos) school and helped with some projects they had going on. Some of the group went to an off-site house where the older girls live and worked on some of the electricity problems. Most of the women (including me) stayed at the school and helped in the kitchen or with sewing tablecloths for the kids’ quinceañeras. Vidalia, the woman who was in charge of the sewing room, was so sweet and patient when we were learning to use the industrial machines, plus she told me I was a good sewer. Here is a picture of her teaching me how to use the machine:

The people who had visited there previously cautioned us about the rice and bean dinners, but I thought they were delicious, especially with the homemade tortillas. Taco Bell should take a hint. Overall though, I absolutely loved meeting, playing, and (attempting) to talk with all the kids there. They were all so warm-hearted and welcoming, which made it feel so much like home. The kids were also so inspirational, I learned so much from them. I really I hope to go back soon to see the kids grow up. But hopefully next time, I’ll know how to say a little more than “My name is Mary. I am 19.”

I was in Guatemala for about a week, but it seemed like a day it flew by so fast. A couple weeks after I came home to Indiana, I started working as a day camp counselor at a camp a few minutes from my house. This was definitely a tough job, and I can cross out camp counselor off a list of career possibilities. Even though it was difficult (very, very difficult), I got into the groove of things and found out how I can best work with children while still having a little fun. Since most of the kids go to the camp all summer, being with them 40 hours a week really made me appreciate all the kids quirks, differences, and similarities. I gained so much from the experience, and I’d gladly take the job again in a heartbeat.

My summer was really full of working with kids, and I learned a lot about myself along the way. First, teaching is definitely not for me, I just want to play Uno and swing on swing sets with them. Second, I can put on band-aid like nobody’s business, since I probably used a hundred of them. Lastly, being able to make a kid laugh when they were crying or make them smile when they were sad is the greatest reward I had all summer. I want to be a pediatric nurse more now than I ever have before, and I hope my classes this semester will reaffirm that.

Happy End of Summer and Boiler Up!

--- Mary Jacobs

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where has the summer gone??

I can't believe that school is starting in just a couple of weeks! Two weeks from today, I will be starting my senior year of college! Time has really flown by these last few years. It's unbelievable to think that I will be moving my baby brother into his college dorm next weekend for his first year of college. He will also be a fellow Boilermaker, except he will be in the School of Management! I'm a VERY proud sister!

Overall, my summer has been great. It's hard to believe that I was in China 2 months ago, when it actually feels like I was just there yesterday! Since China, I have stayed busy with a couple of summer courses, working in the Motor Development Lab in Lambert, volunteered at St. Elizabeth's Outpatient Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy facility, and much more.

I am currently in the process of applying to occupational therapy graduate schools. My stress level has raised about 10000 notches. Now that the time to apply is finally here, I feel like I just got done applying to undergraduate schools, and now I'm already moving on to grad schools! Really.... can someone just tell me where my time has gone? Oh well... it's time to hit the ground running. Bring it on senior year. Let's make it a great one! The best part... football season has arrived!!! BOILER UP!!!!

--- Elise Leung

Oh how I miss...

This upcoming week is when the Purdue campus comes back to life for another great year! With BGR in full swing and all students moving back, West Lafayette is going to experience some excitement in the air. August 17th is the date I've been looking forward to since the day I walked out the door of Zeta Tau Alpha at the end of Spring semester. Summer is a time that I always looked forward to in my high school days. In college, somehow that changes.

Purdue is now my home. Living in a sorority house with 90 girls is home. To some, a home away from home may sound crazy. The friends you make during your college experience are more than just hometown friends. They are your rock that gets you through the struggles of being homesick or upset about an exam. My best friends are not only in my sorority, but also in my major. I have had classes with the same group of girls since my freshman year. We study together, we do homework together, we take notes together, we have fun together. My friends are what I miss!

Boiler Up! Football games are right around the corner! The atmosphere of a Saturday football game in West Lafayette is one of my favorite settings. Waking up early in the morning to get in game mode is what any true Boilermaker does. At Zeta we wake up, put on some face tatoos, beads, and our jerseys, and make our way up to Slater Hill for some pre-game excitement! The band is playing off in the background, Alumni are reuniting, and the college kids are gearing up for the big game! Football season is what I miss!

Classes... what a drag, right? Not for this girl! School is something that I have finally found enjoyment in. First semester during my freshman year was a struggle for me. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I tossed around a few ideas and landed myself in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. Going to class clicked with me second semester. Studying was no longer a drag and I was interested in what was talked about in class. So, believe it or not, learning is what I miss!

9 days and counting...

--- Lindsey Yarde

Formed Close Bonds

With only a few weeks of summer left, I'm getting very excited to go back to Purdue. It is bittersweet to only have two more weeks left working as a nurse's aide. Over the summer I have formed close bonds with my residents and it will be hard to say goodbye. The job has strengthened my communication skills and has even made me consider a career as a long term care nurse. Working has made me see a different side of the healthcare field and made me want to continue my education. I think being an aide will make me a better nurse. I will be able to truly appreciate all the hard work aides do.

--- Stephanie Westfall, School of Nursing

Get Involved!

As a Family and Consumer Science Education major, I am actively involved in the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Indiana Affiliate Purdue Student Unity (AAFCS). This past year I severed as the groups Secretary, and this upcoming fall semester I will serve as the Vice President.

AAFCS holds a member meeting once a month and participates in several activities throughout the year. Some events we participated in this past year were the Hungar Hike in Lafayette, Boiler Blast, Spring Fest and collected school supplies to send to schools in Africa. In December, we held an Ugly Sweater Holiday Party, where members dressed up in their ugliest holiday sweaters, decorated sugar cookies, and had a gift exchange. In February we had a Bake-off event, where members came to a lab in Stone Hall and either baked items or decorated cupcakes and then voted on their favorite.

Participating in AAFCS or any organization that is directly or closely related to your major is a good way to begin networking and meet new people. Getting to know people in your major can help you in the future when you have a question about an assignment or need a study buddy for a big exam. You will also obviously have some things in common with the other members since you’re in the same major, so it’s an easy way to make some close friends. Plus, getting involved always looks good on applications and your resume.

Talk to you again soon,

--- Bridget Gehlhausen

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Worth the fifty-six hours of travel . . . . .

After fifty-six hours of travel time, five airports, four flights, numerous delays, and one very large ocean on July 17th I finally arrived in Sydney, Australia. It was a moment I had been looking forward to since I sent in my first round of exchange applications. Never having been outside of North America it is needless to say Australia is farthest I have ever been from home.

The week before classes started we had a short two-day study abroad and exchange orientation, and sorry University of Sydney you are beautiful and I love you but you don’t have anything on the Boilers.

In Boiler Gold Rush Purdue has one of the greatest orientation programs around. After participating in and leading BGR the past two years I suppose I have become a little spoiled. I now know you cannot put a price on an excellent orientation. It can take away so many nerves and anxieties that come in hand with starting in a new place with a diverse population and different ways of operating. By the end of those two days I had been told so many times to “just keep walking, it’ll be down on the left” I was just wishing for someone to appear with a Boiler Beacon and show me the ropes.

Do not get me wrong Sydney is a beautiful place full of wonderful people and I love it more and more everyday; but when in comes to introductions they could take a few tips from old West Lafayette.

Here's a couple of photos from the trip. The first photo is at the International Rugby Match - Australian Wallabies vs. South African Springbok (which Australia won!) The second photo was taken at Sydney Harbor in front of The Opera House.

--- Maggie Flynn

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mid-summer already?

That’s right! And in a month students will be swarming campus and making up for lost time. Being at such a diverse campus, I’ve been able to meet friends from all over the world, which has only led to incredible experiences. While a short road trip will usually mean a weekend with my friends, so will a flight to The Netherlands! Exactly one year ago, I was anxiously boarding a plane to fly 4,193 miles for a stay with a fellow Boilermaker. Not only did I discover that there really are Purdue fans all over the world, but I was able to experience Dutch life.I felt like I was living in a postcard (I’m talking about the postcards that look 100% photo-shopped)and time flew by way too fast. Every day was packed with unforgettable experiences.
I ate delicious food on the daily, visited The Hague for a shopping trip, went inside many windmills, watched the making of wooden shoes(and tried on multiple pairs), toured Amsterdam during the day and night, dressed in orange from head to toe to watch Holland play in the World Cup championship game, and saw a beautiful light show from what seemed like castles in Belgium, all while spending two weeks with an amazing family. The point isn’t to brag about my experiences, but to focus on the importance of friendships that are made at Purdue. My family moved me into my dorm room, a shy girl who knew no one, and picked me up from a place that felt like home. Dorm life gives you the opportunity to quickly connect with others that will become so important to you. This is what makes four years go by faster than you thought it could! So, while I reminisce about a summer trip to Europe, I remember that this trip wouldn’t have been possible without meeting my friend as a freshman at Purdue, and I consider myself so lucky to be a Boilermaker.

Boiler Up,

--- Jacey Abney

Westward Bound

Just a few days ago I was in what seemed like another world, when in reality, it was just a little over a thousand miles from Purdue. For 18 days I traveled around the southwest with my family in a small RV, hiking, camping, white-water rafting and taking many pictures. We started out in Indiana and took the 22 hour drive to Arizona where we started our trip in the

Painted Desert in Petrified Forest National Park. We traveled to Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, hiked down the Grand Canyon and back up, boated in the stunning Lake Powell, white-water rafted in the Colorado River, hiked underneath the world’s largest natural arch, rode a cog train up 7,000 feet to Pike’s Peak, stood in 4 different states at one time, and ate cowboy beans

while listening to cowboy music at a ranch in Colorado. Not only were the views from the mountain and canyon-tops beautiful, it was a nice break from my internship at Roche Diagnostics. It was a chance to get away from everything, sometimes even my cell phone since the service was not always reliable, and recharge for the upcoming semester. It was also nice to spend so much quality time with my family as this could be the last vacation we go on together for awhile. We traveled through 12 states and logged over 4200 miles in the RV. It was an adventure to say the least. But I think my favorite aspect about the trip was being able to get in the middle of nature, with absolutely nothing around except raw wilderness and take time to appreciate the beauty of our country. Too many times when I am at Purdue I forget to slow down and take a moment to appreciate all that I have been blessed with in my life. Not only will I always remember the sights I saw on the trip, it was a perfect ending to my summer.

--- Kaylie Waltz

Back at Purdue University in 11 days!!

July 31st means one thing. I will be back at Purdue University in 11 days!!

The last three months have been a perfect way for me to wind down from my freshman year, but now it is time to get back on the horse and start classes again! I have enjoyed being with my family and friends back in the beautiful state of Colorado but it’s time to head towards flatter ground and reconnect with all the new people I met last year. Right when I get back, I will be preparing and getting pumped up for BGR 2011. I can’t wait to meet so many new students and teach them what it will be like to be a Boilermaker. I am also looking forward to orientation with my fellow HHS ambassadors! This coming year has a lot to offer and I am really looking forward to getting things started.

Boiler Up!

--- Geoff Ryan

Speech Therapy Volunteering

I began volunteering at a local long term health center for people with disabilities this summer and it was the farthest thing from what I expected. I was expecting a really uncomfortable situation but it ended up being one of the best experiences of my life! I volunteer in the “therapy room” where the physical, occupational, and speech therapies are held. I ended up becoming attatched to a 43-year-old woman named Julie. Julie was in a car accident when she was 19 which rendered her unable to walk or talk. She also had very limited use of her hands and her mental capacity is that of a 14-year-old. Julie is learning how to use a special spoon that has a very thick grip put on the end so that she can feed herself. Working with Julie has really made me realize that working with people and doing things for them can really help someone’s daily life. Volunteering has really opened my eyes as to how much one person can help another and has made me even more excited for my future as a speech therapist!

--- Lauren Rosswurm

World Travel

This summer I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and study abroad in London. In May I went to London with the Purdue London Internship Program. It was very exciting and the adventures did not end until I was on the plane back to the U.S. I interned at a company called Proscenium Tours. I did some marketing for the company, worked on the CRM program, shadowed my supervisor and went on a couple of package delivery trips. My favorite place I visited was Aberdeen Scotland and watching Phantom of the Opera Musical at Her Majesty Theatre.

My most memorable moment would be going to Wimbledon and seeing my favorite tennis player Rafael Nadal make it to the finals. I thought living with four other people I did not know would be very complicated but I made some really good friends on the trip. I learned that although I thought I knew the British culture most of the ideas I had were stereotypes and generalizations. By living in London for 2 months I learned a lot about British culture from the class I took called Intercultural Communication, meeting locals, interacting at work and just observing people on the tube and the bus.

My summer is not yet over as I am going back to Thailand tomorrow and will be going to Zimbabwe and South Africa in a week to see my extended family. I look forward to being a senior at Purdue and being able to share my experiences with my friends, prospective students and alumni. I can’t wait to hangout in West Lafayette with the friends I made in London.

--- Ska Nkala

Yeah Mon: Jamaica Mission Trip

Traveling to another country for the first time, eating exotic foods, and interacting with those of another culture has definitely been the highlight of my 2011 summer. In the third week of July I was given the opportunity to travel to Highgate, Jamaica for a mission trip. I was on a team with 35 other people, who went to a town in Jamaica and built two houses for two separate families, organized a vacation bible school for the Jamaican children at a local church, and even visited an orphanage to play with the kids. It was an amazing experience!! I had never been out of the United States before this trip so of course I was nervous, anxious, and excited all at once. It was a very eye-opening experience for me and definitely made me appreciate what I have here in the states. Also, being a psychology major at Purdue, it was fun for me to be able to talk to and interact with those of another culture. It was also a great experience for me as an Ambassador at Purdue because of the fact that I got to interact with people in another culture.

For the first time ever I got to help build a new house for a family in need. I actually had a lot of fun using power tools and a hammer! We built the house for a mother and three children so it was an amazing thing that God used our team to provide for this family. Vacation Bible School was a blast as well! The kids loved playing and learning about God and we loved playing with and teaching them! The kids at the orphanage were a blast as well! They don’t usually have people come visit and play with them so it was an experience that they will also never forget. The Jamaican people are some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever gotten to be around. Every day they taught me something new and were very helpful and welcoming. I definitely enjoyed my week in Jamaica and I am already waiting to go back!!

--- Alyssa Major

In Spain!

I recently just experienced the fastest six weeks of my life. In Spain! Before embarking on my first journey overseas, I thought to myself, "Wow, I can't believe I get to spend a WHOLE six weeks in Spain this summer! That seems like forever!" Let me tell you though, when you're over there living it, those six weeks fly by! The weeks were filled with new friends, new foods, and new experiences! I got to see amazing things, such as La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, La Alhambra in Granada, and of course tons of neat places in Madrid, where I lived and had classes. One of my favorite weekend trips was when we went to Barcelona. Most of the weekends were free weekends, so you could gather a group of students, and go where ever you wanted! There were so many options, some people even went to Paris for a weekend, and others went to Portugal! However, the weekend I spent in Barcelona was amazing. Seeing all of the Gaudi works was awesome! One of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to is Parque Guell, which Gaudi designed.
One of the weekends that wasn't a free weekend, the entire program went to Granada, and got a guided tour of La Alhambra, which was wear the royalty of Granada lived in the thirteen century! It was SO beautiful! Each building was amazing, and there were some of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen, and most of them were inside the buildings, like a courtyard!
For the classroom aspect of the Study Abroad program, we had three options, and chose two to take. I chose a Food class with a professor from Purdue, and an Art class with a professor from our university in Madrid. The classes were great, but some of the times when I learned the most about the culture, or Spanish in general, was when I was out exploring the city by myself! You learn so much more when you're actually living in a culture than you will from any book, and you make amazing friendships too. In my case, I was rooming with a girl from Purdue, and our host mom was also housing a student from Pepperdine, so not only do you make new connections with Purdue students, but you have the opportunity to make connections with people around the US, and around the world! Studying abroad is something I would highly recommend to every student, and Purdue certainly offers innumerable opportunities! Just find something, or somewhere you would be interested in, and I would be willing to guarantee you will find a program you love at Purdue!

--- Ariel Demoret

Eventful Summer Internship

WOW! I cannot believe I actually have time to rest this weekend, and I'm not traveling out of state this weekend too! My summer has been packed with work, family events, and believe it or not...airplanes. Yes. Airplanes. I am a second year intern at Travelers Insurance, a leading property casualty insurance company. I am in the Claims Professional Development Program working with the Property Claims Department. I love my experience here because of the flexibility and the travel. This summer I have traveled to Hartford, Connecticut for a week, Chicago for a few days, Richardson, Texas for a week and all over the state of Indiana. My internship gives me the opportunity to work with insureds on a one-on-one basis but also allows me to build relationships with corporate executives from an overall business standpoint. My time in Hartford, Connecticut was exciting as I attended the annual Travelers Intern Symposium where all interns from all over the U.S. come in and hold a conference. I was able to re-connect with members from the Claims Board of Directors as well as other higher ups in the company. It is a business environment with a social feeling. I also attended a learning summit in Chicago for members of INROADS, which seeks to provide internships for minority students. I recently came back from a week long trip to Richardson (North Dallas) Texas for training to obtain my license to handle claims for Travelers. I PASSED! I have now obtained my Texas license which is reciprocal to 36 other states, therefore if I would like to work in another office somewhere in the U.S., I can with this license. Work definitely wears me out, but two more weeks left and I'm back to good old Purdue. Can't wait! Hoping everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer. See you all soon.

--- Alan Walker