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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Internship

This summer I have the opportunity to work at the National Institute of Fitness and Sport (NIFS) in downtown Indianapolis. I am in the Educational Services (CES) department working with two dietitians who give presentations and counsel clients all over the state and country. I am in my 3rd week of work and I am really enjoying being in this type of facility. NIFS is a gym that has its main building by the White River downtown and then has corporate sites at different businesses and factories around Indianapolis and the state and country. As a CES intern I help get presentations put together and copy packets that are handed out to people who attend. I attend presentations and meetings that are lead by the two dietitians on staff. I have helped to teach a cooking demonstration to a weight loss class and working on another presentation to the fitness center employees and an article for the wellness magazine published by NIFS. It has been fun to experience a non-traditional side of dietetics. I think that I am interested more in the fitness and wellness aspect of dietetics then the more traditional routes of clinical or foodservice dietetics. I enjoy the freedom and variety of scheduling that a facility like NIFS offers to its employees. I am living in Columbus, IN and then driving up to Indianapolis each day which is an adventure. It is about a 50 minute drive, but it gives me time to think and listen to music. I am working with another intern who is from Western Illinois University and there are 8 other interns within NIFS this summer. Everyone is spread out in a variety of departments including; corporate sites around Indy, senior living, the fitness center and group fitness. It is a great program and if you are interested in wellness and exercise it is a great place to intern and hopefully this summer job will open doors for me in the future. You can learn more about NIFS on their website http://www.nifs.org/.



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Design Internship!

This entire semester I have been working on applying to a study abroad internship program for summer 2010 in Sydney, Australia. As of Monday (April 12, 2010) I officially have my internship placement and I couldn’t be more excited.

I will be working with Australian couturiers ‘Romance Was Born’ for about two months this summer. Their work is epic and I feel so honored that I am getting the opportunity to add my skill sets to their company. I never would have believed that I would get such a fantastic opportunity for my first design position, and I am honestly not so sure I even believe it now. All of the design students at Purdue are so tallented that it's hard to realize how impressive your portfolio actually is. Because it is such a small company, they warned me that it will be “all hands on deck” and that this is not an internship where I will be going to get coffee. I have never been so excited and ready to hit the ground running. Can this semester please be over now? I want to go to Sydney!  --Alysha

Monday, May 3, 2010

Apparel Design and Technology

[NOTE:  The Editor of this blog would like to apologize to the author of this entry for being a bonehead and not publishing it in a timely manner.  I regret that it got lost in the chaos that is my inbox and hope that its tardiness will not diminish the impact of it and its follow-up blog entry.  --SCR]

On Saturday, April 10 the Apparel Design and Technology major held the 11th annual Purdue Fashion Show. In attendance were industry representatives as well as notable Purdue faculty. The show featured work from over 80 designers, including 22 senior collections. This year’s show featured a deconstructed themed venue. Both the setup and garments were extremely well received and both the afternoon and evening show sold out prior to the show, so if you want to go next year make sure to get your tickets early! As a designer, there is nothing quite as exciting as getting to see the fruits of your labor admired in such a splendid setting. And special thanks to all of the models who did a fantastic job making our designs come to life. Considering what a fantastic show we had this year, one wonders how we can possibly improve on it next year. But the answer is simple; next year I will display my senior collection!  --Alysha

SAO Awards Dinner

I had the opportunity to receive a scholarship at the Student Awards Organization Dinner a few weeks ago. I was so excited when I got the email saying that I had been awarded a scholarship and that the formal presentation would be at this dinner. Throughout my time in high school and college I have been applying for scholarships to help pay for school. Thankfully each year I have had the opportunity to receive at least one scholarship to fund my education. I have learned that no matter the size of the scholarship, large or small, every dollar counts! I would encourage everyone who reads this to take the time to apply for scholarships if you are a student. There are so many people and organizations willing to help and support you if you take the time to fill out the application. Thankfully along the way I have had numerous mentors, advisors and past employers write recommendation letters for me. I could not have received all the scholarships that I have without their willingness to help and support me. So thank you to each person, advisor, professor and family member who has assisted me in applying for scholarships and jobs. I am excited for this next year as a dietetic intern in the Coordinated Program here at Purdue. I will continue to work hard and put that scholarship money to good use.

~ Anna