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Monday, May 3, 2010

Apparel Design and Technology

[NOTE:  The Editor of this blog would like to apologize to the author of this entry for being a bonehead and not publishing it in a timely manner.  I regret that it got lost in the chaos that is my inbox and hope that its tardiness will not diminish the impact of it and its follow-up blog entry.  --SCR]

On Saturday, April 10 the Apparel Design and Technology major held the 11th annual Purdue Fashion Show. In attendance were industry representatives as well as notable Purdue faculty. The show featured work from over 80 designers, including 22 senior collections. This year’s show featured a deconstructed themed venue. Both the setup and garments were extremely well received and both the afternoon and evening show sold out prior to the show, so if you want to go next year make sure to get your tickets early! As a designer, there is nothing quite as exciting as getting to see the fruits of your labor admired in such a splendid setting. And special thanks to all of the models who did a fantastic job making our designs come to life. Considering what a fantastic show we had this year, one wonders how we can possibly improve on it next year. But the answer is simple; next year I will display my senior collection!  --Alysha

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