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Boiler Up!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Mental Warm Up

I opted to take a class during the second part of this summer semester and I am very happy with my decision. One class is not a huge time commitment even in the short six week semester. It feels like a mental warm up before the school year starts. I am also happy I am getting English 106 out of the way because it is harder to dedicate time to essays during then school year than in the summer. The class is going very well and my teacher is great. Who would've thought school over the summer could be enjoyable?

--- Andy Wiseman

Hello students!

I have had an amazing summer, but I can't believe it's coming to an end so quickly! I finished off my Maymester course with a bang! It was a difficult class with a huge amount of writing, but it was great to get three credit hours out of the way. After my Maymester class I worked for STAR, the student registration and scheduling program at Purdue. It was 4 weeks of hard work, but it was great to meet many of the incoming freshman. I'm having a great time relaxing now, but I'm ready for the school year to start! I begin Nursing clinicals this fall and I can't wait to actually be out in the field experiencing everything!

Thank you so much!

--- Stacy Baker

My Very, Very, Very Busy Summer!!!!!

Unexpectedly Greek!

When I first came to campus, I was not interested in Greek Life at all. I wanted to be independent and find my own path through Purdue that wasn’t already set out for me. But then I realized that being at college isn’t about doing what you had originally expected of yourself. So I went outside of my comfort zone and “pledged” a Latina based, inclusive sorority. I spent nearly the entire semester learning about Delta Phi Mu (the first Latina sorority on Purdue’s camps), learning about the active and alumni sisters, and creating a bond with my “school” sisters. There were times were I definitely thought I had bitten off more than I could chew (with 16 credit hours on top of the process), but on April 19 it all was worth it when I finally “crossed” the line between non-Greek to Sister. This summer I’ve been spending a great deal of time planning on how to make this next year successful with activities, fundraisers, and recruiting. It’s our 20th anniversary on campus and we want to go big! I am really proud of my decision to join Delta Phi Mu and am looking forward to experiencing the second half of my Purdue career with these girls and leadership opportunities.

Spartacus: Siberian Husky Puppy

I had been relentlessly teasing my boyfriend for a while about getting a puppy and then when he showed me pictures of Siberian Husky puppies that were on sale, I hardly thought he was being serious about actually purchasing one. But a few weeks later we were the proud owners of a six week old husky we named “Spartacus”. We were at first wanting to name him after the infamous Balto but then decided Spartacus just had a special nerdy ring to it. At first all he did was want to sleep, which was really boring, but now we wish he wouldn’t mind sleeping a little more! He would bark at his food, refuse to go up and down the stairs, and he whined all night. But he was just too cute to get annoyed with. He does something to make us laugh every day and he’s already gained at least ten pounds in the two months we’ve had him. He’s having a really difficult time with this hot weather and his two layers of fur, though. A considerate amount of my pay checks have been spent some way on him, and I’ve had to budget a lot more this summer because of him, but he’s definitely made my summer enjoyable. I’m glad we made the decision to add Spartacus to our lives and I’m excited to watch him continue to grow!

Internship with Little Caesars

I’ve worked with Little Caesars since my senior year of high school in Lafayette, making this my third year with the franchise company. I was debating whether or not to come back this summer because I felt that maybe I should do something a little more pertinent to my career of dentistry. After thinking about it I decided that Bill, the franchise owner, could teach me a lot more about owning a business (one of my goals) than I could learn filing papers at a clinic. So this summer I have been managing and doing an internship with Little Caesars. One of my first tasks was to organize a fundraiser for Diamond Blackfan Anemia. DBA is a type of iron-resistant anemia that is characteristic of its absence of red blood cells. Bill’s grandson is diagnosed with this disease and all of our funds were going towards research to DBA. With my connection with the Lafayette Jefferson Marching Band I put together a pep band to play at the event. There was also a moonbounce, face painting, a fire truck, tricycle races, a pizza walk, and a lot of raffle prizes. Our grand finale was the raffling off of a Blu Ray player. For its inaugural year, I’d like to say that we did a good job. Our goal was to raise $500 and we got just around $425 all together.
Other assignments I’ve had through this internship have actually opened my eyes to all the workings of owning a business. I’ve also chosen the new commercial and radio promo that Lafayette will be running for advertising, I’ve designed a new menu in English and Spanish to hand out at all the stores, and I’ve made progressive graphs detailing customer trends over the year too. I’d like to think that this was a good decision on my part to continue on with Little Caesars and I’ve enjoyed the impact I’ve been able to have on the community in just one summer.

Dental Shadowing

Dental schools now suggest that you spend at least 40 hours shadowing in dental offices before applying. Since I wasn’t taking any summer school, I felt that this would be the summer to get all of those hours taken care of.
I’d heard mixed opinions as to whether it was advised to spend all forty in one office or split them among different ones. I have no idea yet if I want to specialize or stick with general dentistry, so I thought it was a good idea to see some different areas so I could get a better idea of what I’d like to do. I spent a day at an orthodontist/kid specialist and saw a great deal of filings done. Then I visited a dental surgeon for two days and I saw some awesome procedures. A week after that, I spent the remaining time with my family dentist in Crawfordsville. She gave me a lot of insight as to what the field was like for women thirty years ago and the whole experience was really inspiring and motivating. I even got to witness a night guard being made. I’m still not quite sure as to what specialty I might like to end up in, but the time spent with these dentists really confirmed my goal of getting a degree myself.

--- Kathryn Stwalley


This summer has been a whirl-wind of events… I can’t believe there are just a few short weeks left!

My summer classes will be ending in a week and a half (yay!) and I will have two precious weeks left before classes begin all over again. This fall is going to be busier than any semester I’ve had before, or so I suspect. I’ll be working part time for the first time during full-time classes, something I’ve never done before. It is a very flexible job, where I can stop in for an hour here, three hours there, but I’m worried when I’m going to have time for everything else. Everything else includes: my sorority, my dogs (I have two pups), being a student ambassador, and being the secretary of my honorary. I’m a bit afraid about how this will all work together, but I won’t know until I try it :). I guess this means taking one step at a time, starting of course with recruitment, the biggest back-to-school event for female Greeks. The process starts the weekend after we get back from school, but don’t think we haven’t prepared ahead of time for this. The truth is, sororities plan all year for recruitment, and we can’t wait to get our new members each fall! This year I will be getting a Grand Little, which means my Little’s Little. A bit confusing, but I couldn’t be more excited. Living in a sorority house is a bit surreal sometimes, but it’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I’m so glad I get to spend one more year in our beautiful house with all of my friends. Then after that it’s onto the real world (what I consider apartment living) haha. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer!

--- Colleen Troke

Cruisin' Southern California

I just got back not too long ago from Laguna Beach, California while I was visiting my father and some old friends! I brought my girlfriend Cassia with me and we visited a lot of southern California including Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Now that I am back in Lafayette, I am working hard to finish an online class and earn some money before school starts back up. I work at CVS pharmacy here in Lafayette. Although I like what I do for work, I am very excited to get back to Purdue and work a little bit less. I am moving into an apartment with some high school buddies of mine. It will be the first time since freshman year not living in my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I think I am looking most forward to seeing all of my friends come back to school so I can hang out with them and hear about their summers. A lot of them had internships in some cool cities and it will be fun to hear about what they experienced. I also can't wait to share my summer experiences with all of my fraternity brothers and friends at Purdue!

--- Kyle Wittgren

Internship in Chicago

This summer has flown by a lot faster than I wanted it too. As a lot of you know I am working in the north suburbs of Chicago at Takeda Pharmaceutical. I was very nervous at the beginning because I did not know what to expect the job to be like. I am a summer financial analyst and I have not worked with some of the software I needed to know for the job. The first two weeks was basically dedicated to me learning the systems. Once I learned the systems I was very comfortable with the work I was doing. Although I am working for a pharmaceutical company, I did not know a lot about the industry. I made friends with the pharmaceutical interns and they have taught me a lot about what goes on in the research and development side of the business. The best part of the internship is they treat us like royalty. First, they paid for us to live in our own apartment for the entire summer and gave us access to lifetime fitness, which has an outdoor water park. Then they sponsor a lot of fun activities during and after work, where we can network with other managers and interns. The best activity we have done is attending a White Sox game. Even though I am a diehard Cubs fan I was excited to go to this event because we had box seats. We got all the food and drinks (if you are 21) we could ever want. After the game me and some of the interns extended our stay down town and went to some of the area bars. I only have three weeks left at Takeda, which kind of makes me sad but I think I am ready to move back to Purdue to have a very good senior year!

--- Dan Mills

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Trails at Rockin' B Ranch

I am getting close to the end of my summer design internship at Rockin’ B Clothing. I have had a great time learning the ropes at the Rockin’ B Ranch in Lafayette. I get to work hand in hand with the talented owner and designer Jess, a Purdue alumnus.

Everyday has been a new experience filled with adventure and exciting projects. Some of the things I have been working on include cutting fabric, hand stitching, writing a news letter, making Excel documents, listing merchandise online, editing photos to making flats on Illustrator, and testing fabric.

My two major summer projects for Rockin’ B Clothing have been compiling a wholesale client list and designing a clutch. I researched and organized information from about 500 retailers which could be potential clients. Then I designed, patterned, and did preproduction of a clutch. The clutch project has been a success and the Ranch Hand Clutch is available for sale at rockinbclothing.com. It has been great to see people purchase one of my own designs!

Jess has taken me on outings outside of the Rockin’ B Ranch, too. I have gotten to experience meeting with a fabric representative, attending a trade show, vending at the Road Rocket’s Rumble car show, and exhibiting at a gallery walk. This is a picture of the Rockin’ B Clothing set up at the Road Rocket’s Rumble event where the Ranch Hand Clutch debuted.

As we say here at Rockin’ B… Happy Trails!

--- Kelsey Leliaert

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Studying Abroad

I just recently got back from studying abroad in China and it was AWESOME. Not only was it a great experience but I also received credits and it counted as a capstone course for my Entrepreneurship Certificate. The purpose of the trip was to visit companies and attend lectures in order to experience how the Chinese do business while also learning about the culture. We first went to Beijing for 8 days then flew to Hong Kong and stayed there for 7 days. In Beijing we stayed at Tsinghua University, which is a very prestigious university in China. During our stay in Beijing, we attended lectures from the university professors on Chinese culture, communicating and dealing with Chinese people, foreign policy, and even took a few lessons in speaking Chinese. Some of the companies we visited include Baker and Daniel Law Firm, Cummins, and the American Chamber of Commerce. The program also included tours of historical sites in Beijing such as the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall. During our down time, we were able to do things such as play sports with the Chinese students, visit the Silk Market, and experience the amazing Chinese night life.

During our time in Hong Kong, we stayed at the YMCA Hotel, which is right in the middle of the city. We visited Dunwell Enviro- Tech, Invest Hong Kong, and the US Consulate General as well as attended a seminar on doing business in Hong Kong and China. All of the meetings that we attended while in Hong Kong were very interesting because Hong Kong is such a diverse city. We also got to take a tour, which included seeing the Victorian Peak, which over looks all of Hong Kong, Bird Street, and the beautiful Repulse Bay area. The program also allowed for us to take a dinner cruise around the Hong Kong harbor so that we could view the city lit up at night. During our free day, a bunch of us took a ferry to Macau for the day. Macau is a small country about 45 minutes away from Hong Kong that’s very similar to Las Vegas in the way that it is famous for its vast amount of casinos. That was a very fun day as well. After a week in Hong Kong, we packed up and flew 14 hours back to the United States.

All in all, studying abroad in China was one of the best decisions of my life. My time in China flew by, and I would go back again in a heartbeat. It’s an experience that I was able to take so much away from and that I will never forget. I would Highly recommend studying abroad anywhere before graduation, you will not regret it. Definitely the highlight of my summer!

--- Sam Shaner

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And Purdue Goes On

It’s been around two months now that I have spent my summer here at Purdue and can say that summer is a great time to be a Purdue student. The campus is peaceful, the buses un-crowded, and the weather is a mildly warm and breezy. This is the best time to go make those weekend trips that I never have time for during the school year and save up the money that seems to disappear once classes start. My Assistive Technology Center job has been amazing, and I’m learning the in’s-and-out’s of things I would never know about Purdue. I’m getting to know students, staff, and prepare for my career by gaining experience and making important connections. PLUS I get paid. Who could ever want more?

In between my online class (Ethics… I’m starting to learn how to deal with all of the philosophy, which is tough) and my job, I’ve been able to hit the pool (a lot!), explore the outdoors around campus that I never knew existed (my mountain bike loves the trails in McCormick Woods) and have gone to the Taste of Chicago (AMAZING!) and an Indianapolis Indian’s baseball game! I feel so busy, and the days are flying by!

However, I can’t help but miss the hustle and bustle of classes, the train whistle blast of the Boilermaker Special, and the excitement of all there is to do when regular classes are in session. I cannot wait to rejoin my sorority sisters in our house together, see my friends from my Health and Kinesiology classes, and have back the culture on campus that really makes Purdue. I miss everyone and can’t wait for full-time Purdue life to kick back into gear!

--- Colleen Troke

Busy busy busy!!

And I thought finals week was hectic! My life is moving in so many positive directions right now, I almost don’t know how to handle things! I just finished my Sophomore year studying Hospitality & Tourism Management and am now working in Fort Wayne, IN. I hold two jobs right now.

One job is at Don Hall’s Guesthouse Hotel and Conference Center working as their summer intern. I love it so far! I recently grew an interest in event and event coordination so I am learning many things through this position! I have been getting a lot of banquet experience and I learn something new every day!

My second job is working at Courtney’s Bakery. Courtney specializes in wedding cakes, specialty cakes, and catering. I help her run the front of the bakery assisting customers. There has always been a small side of me that loves to be a part of cakes and baked goods. And I get to observe how small businesses are managed and operated.

I am currently studying to also get a Certificate of Entrepreneurship, so having this experience at Courtney’s is very beneficial. Some of the cakes I see walk out the door are just amazing! And who doesn’t get inspired by the cake shows on TV nowadays?!

On top of two jobs, this summer my little brother is graduating high school! We never thought the day would come! : ) And following in his wonderful sister’s footsteps, he will also be a Boilermaker this coming fall studying Electrical Engineering. His graduation party is this weekend so things are getting crazy.

AND on top of all of these events, my older sister (a Purdue Alumni of Krannert) is getting married in September to another Purdue Alumni! Her bridal shower is this weekend as well! Luckily, event planning is enjoyable for the Maid of Honor, so planning for this shower has been rather enjoyable. ; )

As I said before, things are BUSY! But I couldn’t be happier about the direction my life is moving. Purdue is giving me many things to be thankful for right now!

Boiler Up!

--- Megan Finger

Friday, July 1, 2011

Purdue Is A Great University!

This summer I've been working at Towne Air Freight, which is a Midwest-based truck and airplane freight company. My obvious purpose for getting this job was to save money for next semester. That brings me to a point as to why Purdue was such a good choice for me.

My parents left it to me to pay my way through school, so when I was deciding where to go cost was a priority. Being an in-state student first off made Purdue one of the most affordable, and then with the addition of multiple scholarships I did not need to take out very much at all in loans first semester and none at all second semester. The even better part about the cost is that the Purdue name on a diploma carries a lot of weight. It's like getting a new Audi at used Honda price.

onestly when it comes to the ratio of quality to price, Purdue is hands down the greatest university out there.

-- Andy Wiseman

Work Experience

This coming fall I will be a senior in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. As you may know, a lot of majors on campus either require or highly suggest that you complete an internship before you graduate. However, for Family and Consumer Sciences Education it’s a little different. Before you graduate you are required to complete 1,500 supervised work experience hours or 4,000 unsupervised work experience hours. I know in writing this may seem overwhelming, but in reality it’s not. If you had a job throughout high school and it relates to the major you can count those hours towards your unsupervised hours. Once you get accepted to Purdue, any work you complete that relates to Family and Consumer Sciences or lab that is required for the major counts as supervised hours.

This summer I am working on 300 more hours to complete my work experience requirement. I feel that this is a very good requirement for our major, because it pushes you to get a job that is already related to something you could be doing in the future. It’s a lot like an internship, but instead of having to complete it in a short period of time, you can take all 4 years to finish it. Completing my work experience has been very helpful to me because I have learned a lot about the content of my major without even opening a book. I was able to learn hands on, which will help me to teach my students in the future.

Talk to you again soon!

--- Bridget Gehlhausen

Working at Purdue

Summer has been so amazing at home, however now I am back on campus. For the past couple of days, I have been working for Summer Transition, Advising and Registration (STAR). I work in the ENAD computer lab and help new students register for classes.

My typical day at work is to answer any questions that the new students have about the registration process. Each day a new set of eager students begin their journey on campus. It is so exciting to be a part of that journey. I love helping people and this job fits the description. Hopefully, some of you are either preparing to come to STAR or will be here in the following years.

--- Ciatu Fahnbulleh