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Boiler Up!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Savoring the Memories

Late-night Insomnia Cookie runs, football games, fountain runs, seeing familiar faces all around campus, walking from class to class with a group of friends from my major, studying into the wee hours of the morning, Breakfast Club...oh the fond memories of Purdue!

It's interesting sharing these memories with my new friends in the dietetic internship and finding that some of these things are very unique to Purdue. That just makes my memories all the sweeter!

The thing I probably miss the most is the friendships I developed with fellow students and CFS faculty and staff. They truly are phenomenal people and I still keep in touch with some of them! I've also been able to meet other Boilermakers in New York (and even during a grad school college visit) who share some of these same memories! It sure is wonderful sharing that BOILERMAKER pride with others!!!

Amy Conklin
Dietetic Intern, Cornell University
CFS Ambassador Alum
Purdue University Class of 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Currently a Cornellian, Always a Boilermaker

After graduating from the Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness, and Health dual-degree program at Purdue, I went on to pursue a 1-year dietetic internship at Cornell University. The internship is a required step for earning the credentials to practice as a registered dietitian.

Within the Cornell internship, I am conducting a research project, taking graduate coursework, and practicing as a dietitian in community, clinical, and food service management settings. Purdue's program provided exceptional preparation for working in these very diverse realms of nutrition practice!

Several aspects of Purdue's program that I believe were most impactful include:
  • the CFS honors program
  • hands-on learning experience in and out of the classroom
  • competitions and internships arranged through Purdue's relationships with nutrition-oriented companies
  • F&N 424(the nutrition communications course)
  • and of course CFS extra-curricular activities.
I encourage prospective students to inquire about these aspects of CFS and the Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness, and Health program. For current students, I encourage you to participate in these activities as best you can--the benefits may be much greater than you expect!

Amy Conklin
Dietetic Intern, Cornell University
CFS Ambassador Alum
Purdue Class of 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time Flies at a Great School like Purdue

There are only 3 weeks left in this semester! I can’t believe that I am working to finish up projects and homework for classes for upcoming finals in 2 weeks. Looking back on the past 3 ½ years here at Purdue time has flown. It seems like just a few days back I was a freshman walking to my first college lab at 7:30am Monday morning. Not too long ago I was applying to different organizations to try to get involved. Working hard in my classes since that first day in college and trying to get good grades and eventually get a dietetic internship.

I have loved my time here at Purdue and all the wonderful people I have met over the years. Once you are a senior you have been around here for awhile and you feel so comfortable with how school works and what is expected of you. I enjoy knowing that on weekends I can relax if I get all my school done and that over Christmas break I get 3 weeks off where I don’t have to worry about anything with school.
I am looking forward to a much needed break before coming back to school for that last semester of college. Thankfully I will be around Purdue for another year with my internship but it will be different since I will be working and not just attending classes all the time. I realized while putting up Christmas lights in my apartment that I have really enjoyed my time here and this past semester despite its hardships has been wonderful and I have so much to be thankful for. Time does fly with you are you at a great school like Purdue University.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dietetics Student with an Internship

     Finally, after almost 3 ½ years of hard work at Purdue University, I can say that I have a dietetic internship. I applied to the Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD) about a month ago, went through the interview process and after a long fall break learned that I had been accepted!
     If you would have asked me as a freshman if I would be applying to the CPD I would have told you “no” and that I wanted to end up somewhere else far away from home; however, I am excited to stay in the West Lafayette area and hopefully learn so much along the way. It is crazy how throughout college your perspective and priorities change. At the beginning of college I was carefree, independent, had no strings tying me anywhere and I was ready to take on the world. Now, as a senior, I am much more aware of the world outside of Purdue and I am so eager to work through my internship and eventually become a Registered Dietitian.
     Now my sights are on hopefully staying in West Lafayette and doing rotations in the area because this has become like my home and I want to stay here for another 1 ½ years at least. I have realized that as I have been looking forward to graduation I am realizing how great college is and being a student has some advantages, but I am eager to finally be able to work and eventually start earning money as a RD.
     There are so many exciting things in my future such as getting through class at Purdue, finding out my placement for rotations in the CPD, finding a place to live, learning to work in different environments with various rotations and finally graduating in August 2011. Purdue is a wonderful place to be a student in CFS and having such great advisors who I know will continue to be there and guide me along this new adventure on my horizon. Without their help and support I would not be here today looking forward to a wonderful internship and exciting plans in the future. As a senior with a double major in Dietetics and Nutrition, Fitness & Health, who has an internship, thank you to everyone who has helped me get where I am today and who will continue to guide me in the future!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Day in the Life from F.I.T.

Hey guys! I actually have a semi-free night for once, so I thought I’d type a little bit up about my experiences here so far in the city.
The other week I found out that 8 million people alone live on this island. And since I run a lot, I’ve found out that the island itself is really only about 12 miles by 2.5 miles, give or take. Somehow, this seemingly hectic area is managed through structure, routine, and tall buildings. There really is so much to see and do here in this small area of Manhattan, and although I’ve been here almost three months, I still have a list of places I want to go to. I’ve been fortunate to be able to give myself about a day a week to explore though, which transitions into the FIT part of this entry.

Before I came here everyone basically said, “Oh my gosh, it’s going to be so hard and you’re going to have no life.” Unfortunately, for the main part it is true. However haha – it’s really just time management. Nothing we have done so far is insanely difficult, for a lot of the first semester is review of what I’ve already learned at Purdue, except they expound on it and multiply it. For instance, basic draping is taken a step further. We learn every method of basic draping and then have to do a creative version of it. I have only made two complete garments, the rest are half muslins; but, we all have term projects that will be multiple garments per outfit. Stressful, but exciting!That last phrase basically sums up everything – I’ve had spare time to do a couple contests, go to free yoga once a week, join a small group, work out every day, and see the city – all on top of homework. Sometimes it is a lot to handle, but after last year at Purdue and my internship this summer, it’s a little easier. Plus, there really is nothing else to do here aside from school during the week, unless you want to eat out and see a show every night.

Overall my experience here has been one of growth, both educationally and individually. It’s been quite an adjustment, for I haven’t visited home at all. Luckily I’ve made good friends with my roommates, girls in the one-year program, and another girl from Purdue here for retail. I also have family in mid-New Jersey that I visit about once a month. The more I’m here, the more I get used to it. Some things I don’t think I’ll ever get used to though– like being able to jog out to the end of a pier, stretch, and see the Statue of Liberty and the New Jersey skyline. The opportunities here are endless, and somewhat surreal. For instance, we went to Fashion’s Night Out on September 10 and saw Manolo Blahnik, Roberto Cavalli, Grace Coddington, Zac Posen, Laura Bennett, and Miss J from Project Runway. My professors are all extremely knowledgeable and always helpful, and I have learned such a great amount in such a small time period. I’m very grateful that I’m able to be here and could not be more excited for what’s to come. I can’t wait to come home on December 22, visit family and friends, drive, and yes, see farmland haha. That’s the one thing lacking out here – nature. I heard about Lady Gaga coming and had someone get me tickets. Luckily we’re off for six weeks for winterim at F.I.T. so I’ll get to visit Purdue as well. To fellow ambassadors and friends/faculty at Purdue – good luck as the semester comes to a close with final projects and exams! I hope everyone’s doing well!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

CFS Graduate is a Martha Stewart "Dreamers to Doers" Award Winner

We were thrilled to learn that former CFS Child Development and Family Studies graduate and Student of the Year was selected to receive a Martha Stewart "Dreamers to Doers" award in her capacity as CEO of College Mentors for Kids.  She appeared on The Martha Stewart show on October 16.  For proprietary reasons we are not able to post the actual video; however, here are links to the appearance, a Behind-the-Scenes article and Erin's blog regarding the event.  We extend our sincerest congratulations to Erin in her success!

Behind the Scenes with Erin Slater on The Martha Stewart Show.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Working Towards Becoming an RD

When I came to Purdue no one really told me what studying Dietetics and Nutrition, Fitness & Health would be like. No one mentioned the countless hours studying, writing papers, reading scientific articles or applying for prestigious internships. As a senior, I am facing my hardest semester yet at Purdue. I thought the past 3 years of my life were challenging, but they can’t hold a candle to what I am learning now. I am not trying to scare people away from Dietetics, it is a great program and I really do enjoy learning about dietary recommendations, nutritional and physical assessments and how to work with a client one on one, but it can still be very overwhelming.

As a senior, I am applying for internships following my 4 years at Purdue. I am currently working on an application for the Coordinated Program and that is due next week. As I am filling out this application and writing my personal statement I am learning that I have come a long way since my freshman year of college. I miss the easier classes and more free time but I am so excited to get an internship either through the Coordinated Program (CPD) or the DPD program. I am most interested in the CPD program because it is close to home and my family, and would be less expensive than moving out of state. I never thought that I would want to stay in Indiana but now my life plans have changed and I am wanting to stay in this area for the time being. If I get into the CPD program I will be an intern for 3 semesters and will graduate in August 2010. That would push my graduation date back but I am ok with that. As long as I finally graduate that is all that matters in the grand scheme of things.

Upon completion of my internship through either the CPD or DPD programs I will then sit for the Registered Dietitian exam and upon passing that test I will become Anna Armstrong, RD. That means I can actually get a job in my field and start earning some money. It is a process to reach that final goal of obtaining the letters RD after my name, but I am excited to see where this path leads.

~ Anna

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life as a Teaching Assistant

Last fall, Ryan and I were asked to be “TA’s” for the HTM 101 course. HTM 101 is an entry level class for incoming HTM students that lasts for five weeks. Over the course of the five weeks the incoming students get an introduction to Purdue, tips on resume building, as well as tips on how to be successful at the career fair and the industry in general. As a TA you help teach the class as well as grade most of the papers. This is a great way to earn extra credits, or in some cases, some classes pay the students to be a TA. In our case, Ryan and I get 3 credit hours for a five week class.
This is a steal!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Wow! I cannot believe that I am beginning my senior year at Purdue. I never imagined it really would go by so fast! I love so many things about Purdue, from football games to rides on the boilermaker special.
One of my favorite times is recruitment season. As my fourth and final Purdue formal recruitment has just ended, I look back and remember what it was like as a freshman four years ago. I cannot believe it has gone by so fast. As an eager young freshman I had no idea what sorority life would mean for me. I recall being so nervous about every step of the recruitment process, but now it feels like second nature. Last Friday and Saturday we began with open houses, where each potential new member was able to tour every house with a total of sixteen rounds. Sunday included the 11 preference rounds that included a house slide show. This past weekend began on Sunday with the 7 preference rounds, which included the house skits. Monday concluded the recruitment process with the final and most important day. This day each potential new member visited a maximum of three houses with the conclusion to the day being the selection of their new home. This has been such an exciting chapter in my life and I will greatly miss the friends and memories after I leave.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life as a Resident Assistant

Over the summer I received a call to be an RA at Harrison Hall and immediately I jumped on the offer. Being an RA you are expected to be “on duty” four nights a week. You may ask what does being on duty entail? Well basically you have to be in you in your room from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. While you are on duty you must be available for your residents to answer questions and assist with other conflicts that may arise. You are also responsible for putting on programs relating to diversity, sports, and trips. So far we have done floor dinners, where your whole floor goes to a dining court, as well as intramural sports.

You also receive great benefits from Purdue. As an RA, Purdue pays for your room and board, as well in-state tuition. Being an out-of-state student, this helps greatly! My mom took the picture when I moved in; I wanted to look as intimidating as possible for my residents. I put that picture up on my bulletin board so when they arrived during Boiler Gold Rush they would see just how threatening I could look!

Life as a Resident Assistant

Over the summer I received a call to be an RA at Harrison Hall and immediately I jumped on the offer. Being an RA you are expected to be “on duty” four nights a week. You may ask what does being on duty entail? Well basically you have to be in you in your room from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. While you are on duty you must be available for your residents to answer questions and assist with other conflicts that may arise. You are also responsible for putting on programs relating to diversity, sports, and trips. So far we have done floor dinners, where your whole floor goes to a dining court, as well as intramural sports.

You also receive great benefits from Purdue. As an RA, Purdue pays for your room and board, as well in-state tuition. Being an out-of-state student, this helps greatly! My mom took the picture when I moved in; I wanted to look as intimidating as possible for my residents. I put that picture up on my bulletin board so when they arrived during Boiler Gold Rush they would see just how threatening I could look!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"That Girl" part 1.

Statue of Liberty
Hey! Welcome prospective students and new ambassadors! I’m Ashley, and I am currently in my third year of studies as a Fashion Design major. This year I traveled to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology for their one year Design AAS degree program. For those who are unfamiliar with this program – Purdue lets you take courses at FIT that transfer to third yr equivalent classes at Purdue, obtain an Associate’s from FIT, and then return your senior year to finish your Bachelor’s requirements.

Manhattan skyline from Jersey

After taking May-mester courses and an internship in Indianapolis this summer, I adjusted to being displaced and living independently, so the move went very well. I am currently living with 3 freshmen, all in different majors here at FIT, in an apartment-style dorm: we have two bedrooms, one bath, and a kitchen/dining area. I previously thought the space would be significantly smaller than normal, since it is in fact NYC, but it’s actually larger than I expected! I will post pictures once we purchase everything we need for the apartment and get it cleaned up a bit.

Night in the city from atop the Empire State Building
We’ve had a week of orientation activities full of things to do and sights to see around the city. My parents, who have never toured NYC, stayed until Wednesday, and we visited sites as far north as Central Park and the Trump Tower in Uptown to the Financial District in Downtown. [Shown is a view from the top of the Empire State Building.] Tomorrow a couple of girls and I are headed to Brooklyn to find a Target, see some boutiques, and get some really good pizza.
Times Square
Classes begin on Monday and I’m preparing myself for no life haha. But I’m going to love it, that I’m for sure of. I’ve signed up for Fashion Week and have purchased a couple of concert tickets, so I plan on still enjoying what the city has to offer alongside working non-stop.
The Fashion District
I’ll try and blog as much as possible. In the meantime, I hope everyone back at Purdue has a great fall semester. I’ll miss all the tailgating and games on Saturdays – Go Boilers!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Adventures of 2009

Washington, D.C. May 16th – 21st

My first trip of the summer was to Washington, D.C. for the 2009 Leadership Honors Boot Camp. I went there on a full scholarship sponsored by AAFCS (American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) because of my national involvement with the organization. I went there having no idea what to expect. I was under the assumption that it was going to be a regular conference with many students from around the nation there. I met my roommate who was from Texas A&M and we figured out that we both had family and consumer sciences majors. So we figured this conference was for those leaders in different FCS fields. While, preparing for the first day of the conference, we walk into a room in a Hilton Suites Hotel to find 11 other students there.

This was a conference like I never had been to in my life. There were a total of 14 students there age ranges from college freshman to a graduate student, and we came from all over the nation. One student was from Washington State, a couple from Texas, a few from Kansas, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, and of course Indiana! This week-long conference helped me build new leadership skills and helped me understand more about my own personal skills and how they can be useful in a team-building atmosphere.

We did business all day and partied at night. We did things from playing Frisbee next to the Washington Monument to visiting the Holocaust Museum. We went out to eat at amazing places like Sequoia (which is right off of the Potomac River) and the Old Ebb Bar and Grill across the street from the White House. We visited Georgetown University and even went on a night tour of the monuments, riding in style, in a Cadillac Escalade Limo.

AAFCS Conference June 24th- 28th
Knoxville, Tennessee

This was quite a wonderful adventure for me. AAFCS stands for the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. I was a national officer last year and this year I was installed to not only be the Chair (President) for the Student Unit nationwide, but I also was inducted onto the Board of Directors for this organization. This is quite a responsibility, but I am up and ready and super excited for this upcoming year.

Here are some pictures taken at this meeting. The student unit (who are mostly comprised of graduate and undergraduate students) sold tattoos at this meeting to help raise money for one of the funds they have for this centennial celebration. We raised over $1,400 dollars!!

AAFCS celebrated it’s 100th birthday at the conference in Knoxville! How exciting to be a part of something that is in its 100th year of existence!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Summer as an Intern

I am currently sitting outside, enjoying the weather that FINALLY feels like it’s the middle of July. I just drove up back home to Elkhart after concluding my internship with Anthropologie at the Keystone Fashion Mall in Indianapolis last Saturday. For those who don’t know, Apparel Design majors are required to have two internships prior to graduation – one retail for at least 140 hours and one design for at least 280 hours. I decided to do my retail internship this summer.

When applying I set my goals high, and applied at BCBG corporate in NYC, Gucci in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA, and called multiple other stores including Burberry, Banana Republic, and Nordstrom. Unfortunately, I could not find housing in NYC for the summer, Gucci decided to take local students from FDIM, and the others weren’t offering internships. Around March of this year I was still trying to apply at local boutiques back here in South Bend and Mishawaka when I looked up stores located at the Fashion Mall. To my pleasant surprise, Anthropologie was listed. [You may be more familiar with Anthro’s parent company: Urban Outfitters --- U.O. has three sub-companies: Anthropologie, Free People, and Terrain.] I called them and BCBG both. Though BCBG wasn’t offering any store internships, Anthropologie told me to submit a resume and follow up in a week. Long story short…I got the internship!

I also knew a lot of friends from school who lived near Indy, and I ended up staying with a friend who’s also an Apparel Design major—Natasha—in Zionsville (her driveway view is the picture above). I drove about 20 min to work each day, which was on the North side of Indy close to Carmel, and I was able to visit downtown Indy, Brownsburg, Avon, Danville, and Purdue with ease. On weeks where I only worked a couple days, I also visited home, which was only a 2 ½ hour drive. To many this seems like a long time haha but I got used to driving so often, anything under an hour is nothing really now.

My internship with Anthropologie was absolutely wonderful. The first two days I worked, the entire staff showed up at 6 AM to do their yearly stock of inventory to account for losses. Loss prevention is unfortunately now a major deal with multiple retail organizations due to rises in theft, mostly attributed to the economy. During the rest of my month and a half there, I worked part time, paid, with weekly hours ranging from 10 to 32. (Hours and schedules for internship hours vary between companies–with Anthropologie I was treated like a regular retail associate.) Dress was very unrestricted, aside from no shorts, no logos aside from Anthro’s brands, and no flip flops–other than that it was just expected you dressed well and in a way that reflected the lifestyle of an Anthro girl. I was trained on inventory, censoring, re-stock in the mornings, fitting room service, loss prevention, customer care, retail procedures such as floor management and upkeep, and closing procedures in the evening.

I believe the best part of the internship came from the atmosphere. Anthropologie’s overall aims and mission as a company fit so well with my individuality and the general direction I wish to go with my career as a designer. For inspiration, corporate sends each retail outlet an “inspiration board” with themes the store is trying to represent for the season. Artistic freedom with retail display is then up to each outlet. We have five major departments: women’s apparel, women’s accessories, home, bedding, and lounge. Other sections include general green (a section geared toward environmentally-focused living,) children’s books/animals/learning objects, and multiple books throughout the store with themes ranging from recipes to the history of Valentino. I should also mention we as employees had quite a good discount, so it was all I could do to tell myself I needed to save for school haha. Of course, I did take advantage of it, though.

My co-workers were all very amiable and took the time to get to know me, while still maintaining professional attitudes. I found that one employee and two managers also had graduated from Purdue; the managers had obtained degrees in retail management. Many of my co-workers and I shared similar interests, including art, design (2 had majored in fashion design), fashion, and Starbucks haha. On the Starbucks note, during one week we had a contest for someone to win a Starbucks gift card. Whenever you added on items to a fitting room, signed someone up to for an Anthro card, etc, you put your name on a piece of paper which was then put into a drawing. I ended up winning, oddly enough, and plan on saving that card for when school commences again. :) Now I am good friends with many of them, and we’re all planning on staying in touch via good-old Facebook.

The only hard thing about my internship was the distance from home. I usually okay with my independence, but since I’m leaving for New York City in a little under 4 weeks and having been away earlier this summer for Maymester classes, I missed out on a lot of things with my friends and family back home. I did get to meet up with a friend here, and a friend there, but it was definitely a test. I grew a lot this summer, including both educational and life lessons learned from my internship. I look forward to spending the rest of my summer with friends and family back here in Elkhart, and one last stop at Purdue :) before I leave for FIT.

I’ll try and do a few posts when I can in NYC. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer! And good luck to all the new freshmen as you embark on this journey known as college.

Oh! Ha and a plug for Anthro – if you’re interested more about Anthropologie, visit http://www.anthropologie.com/.

The burgers are calling me to grill them, so I’m gonna peace out.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Coming to a Close

This summer sure has gone by fast! It has been very busy this summer with record-breaking numbers of people coming into Yellowstone. Over 644,000 people visited in June alone, which broke the previous record by 40,000. All 9 hotels and 5 campgrounds have been filling up non-stop and phone calls are still coming in! It has been truly incredible.

Although this summer has been busy with work it has also been busy outside of work. We have been hiking nonstop as well. Caroline and I managed to hike 312 miles. It was well worth every hike. I have attached three of my favorite photos from the summer hikes. The first is me on top of Electric Peak which is on the NW Side of the park, a 20 mile roundtrip mountain climb. The second is me fording our first river in the NE section of the park; the ford was .2 miles into the hike so you ended up being wet at the beginning and the end. The third is a picture of Caroline in front of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone; this is a great picture simply because the background of the picture looks fake as though you are in front of a green screen. But I can tell you it is definitely real and very beautiful!

Yes, this summer is coming to a close very rapidly. On August third I will be back in West Lafayette for R.A. Training which I am very much looking forward to!

See you all soon back on campus!

Monday, June 29, 2009


"What's New, Buenos Aires?"

We just got back from our Study Abroad trip to Argentina and Chile, and what an adventure! We arrived in Buenos Aires, the capital, on May 10. Our first excursion was to a market called San Telmo. We went to eat at a restaurant in the square with a nice patio overlooking the terrace. It was an interesting experience, trying to use the little Spanish that we knew to order our meals. There were a few things that we learned about the culture of eating out in Argentina that we used for the rest of the trip. First of all, it is almost impossible to get separate checks, so it’s always best to carry cash with you (small bills!). Secondly, some places have English translated menus, but most of them are in Spanish only. Finally, drinks come in bottles and you only get one…no free refills!

We also got a chance to see The Phantom of the Opera, or La Fantasma de la Opera in Spanish. The music was outstanding, and the special effects were amazing. It was fun to dress up and go out in Buenos Aires for a night on the town. Overall, Buenos Aires was an amazing city, very similar to New York or Chicago, and a great place to start our trip!

--Ryan & Brent

Friday, May 29, 2009

Starting off the Summer Right!

Packing up the car, driving home and sleeping, that is what the beginning of my summer has entailed. After finishing up with finals at Purdue I took 2 weeks and had the chance to relax at home with friends and family. I was able to sleep in, visit friends in Indy, hang out with my family and friends around my hometown of Columbus. It has been wonderful relaxing and enjoying the warm days. Sadly I had to face the fact that I have to go to work this summer. I am working at the Bartholomew County Extension Office as their 4-H intern. It should be quite a busy summer. Right now I am just doing a lot of typing up letters, sending out mailings and boring stuff like that. I am ready for the fun to begin with the Fair which will be July 10-18th. I get to be in charge of a few things which is neat like the Public Speaking & Demonstration Contest, the Fashion Revue, Planning 4-H Camp, Organizing the Drive Through Lunch, Setting up 10 Year Member Display and Making sure everything gets put together for Fair. It is keeping me busy, but I do miss the relaxing, sleeping in and being outside. I know that my hard work will pay off and I will learn important things, but I am ready to call it a day and head home to my family. I hope that with new adventures and challenges that lay ahead of me I will be able to learn what I want to do in the future, learn if I want to go into Extension or maybe doing something might interest me more. Even with these responsibilities to keep me busy I am planning on having fun this summer, traveling to Bloomington and going hiking, going to a country music concert at Verizon, spending weekends with family and friends, traveling to Indy every now and then and catching up on my sleep. All in all summer has started off right and I am enjoying what I am doing so far!

Anna <><

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People

Today went very well, it was our first day on the phones and we had some excellent questions between Caroline and me.

I hope you enjoy these and, yes, to answer any previous questions, these are real! These questions are all questions we have received on the phone.

  1. Are there fireworks on the 4th of July in Yellowstone?
  2. What time do they turn the geysers off at night?
  3. When do elk turn into moose?
Hope you all enjoyed those anyway on to today.

Today after work we went on a hike down to Osprey Falls. We left at 6:00 p.m. and got back at late dusk there was just a little bit of sun light left, about 2 minutes worth. It was 8 miles it was a glorious hike. It starts off with 2.5 miles across some rolling plains and then it just drops! When I say drops I mean drops! Once you are at the bottom you hike along the canyon until you get
soaked about 500 feet away from the falls. We couldn’t even see the falls yet and we were soaked! That’s how much mist was coming off the water. Once we arrived it was soooo impressive. There is so much water. If anyone is coming to Yellowstone this summer please contact me and I would be more than happy to give you a list of good hikes.

Bears seen to date: 3
Wolves seen to date: 0
Bison and Elk seen to date: 195,982,875,987 (really this is a made up number but it is probably close)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Graduation--Goodbye Purdue, Hello World

The College of Consumer & Family Sciences graduated its seniors on Saturday, May 16 at 2:30 p.m. I had heard from many that graduation was boring and a waste of time but I truly enjoyed the ceremonies and the tradition that comes along with graduation. I loved the walk from the Armory to Elliot Hall of Music.

I was at the very end of the line, so as I walked to my seat, I got to see the sea of black hats and it was truly an awesome sight. In the ceremony, President France Cordova spoke, along with an outstanding senior nursing student. The band played and the Glee Club sang. We received our diplomas and sang "Hail Purdue" and then it was over!

After the ceremonies, CFS hosted a reception in our honor. Then my family and I went all over campus taking pictures.

It was a great day, and I am so proud to be an alum of such an awesome university. Thanks to all who made it possible for me to attend Purdue and have such an amazing experience!
Boiler UP!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun at Yellowstone!

It has been a very fast few days here in Wyoming.

Caroline and I are working for Xanterra Parks and Resorts. They are a concessionaire that run the lodges at some awesome places such as The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Yellowstone. Here Caroline and I are taking phone calls and making reservations for all the lodges within Yellowstone. The first few days have been great!

The second day for work we went on a tour of Lamar valley which is where they first released the wolves back in 1995. We did not see any but we did see a grizzly bear, it was really far away and you needed binoculars. But anyway, we got paid 7.25 an hour from 8:30-4:30 to take a tour it was great!

Today we woke up early and went on a guided tour again to Lamar Valley, this time we saw the pens where they kept the wolves and heard all the history. We then came back and did a quick trip to the visitor center mammoth and watched a video. We then took a nap and went on a hike around mammoth hot springs. It has been very packed as Caroline keeps me on the move with hikes. We have already logged over 20 miles and it is growing fast! Tomorrow we are waking up early at 6:30 and going on an 8 mile hike called Rescue Trail. It should be awesome. Obviously we had today and tomorrow off, but we start work again on Monday and again will work till Friday.

Here are some pictures of some of the hikes.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Summer!

It has been a fast start to summer! After finals last Thursday I went back to Ohio for a mere three days before heading west. My mom and I left early Sunday afternoon and by the end of the day we were just west of Chicago. Early Monday morning we woke up and took off. We drove through the rest of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and we ended the day on the west side of South Dakota. We are only 350 miles away from Yellowstone and we are looking forward to only having a six hour drive on Tuesday rather than twelve.

Along the way we stopped at a few different stops, each stop was very unique. The first place we stopped at was the Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota. There we checked out the Palace made of Corn. Each year the palace is changed to have different scenes and a different year. We talked to a local and he mentioned that they will start to “rebuild” the palace at the end of August and get it ready for 2010.

After Mitchell, we headed to Wall. Wall is home to the famous Wall Drug Store. It is so famous you see the first signs for it 355 miles away. About every 5 miles you will see signs advertising for free ice water, as well as 5 cent coffee. When we arrived it was like a ghost town as hardly anyone was there, of course it is not peak season and I am sure traffic will pick up after Memorial Day weekend. As you will see there is a famous animal unique to this area as well. It is known as a Jackelope. It is a white rabbit with antlers, if you have never seen one before I provided you with a picture.
As for Caroline she is in Bozeman Montana tonight. She flew all day on Monday and arrived there about 7:00pm eastern time. She waved to us as she flew over head.

Happy Summer,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Looking back

The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful outside and I can hear ppl playing tennis outside. I wish I could go out and enjoy the beautiful day instead of sitting inside at my desk studying for finals. It is crazy to think that my junior is almost done here in 2 more days. Final’s week is always a challenge especially by the end of the week because your brain is tired and you are just ready to be done. That is how I am starting to feel. I am eager for a break but I will miss being at Purdue. I will miss the hustle and bustle of life at school, going to class, attending meetings and getting together with friends. Being at school is fun and challenging at the same time. By the time summer comes I am use to school and the habits I have created and all of a sudden ending those schedules that I have been adhering to all semester comes to an end. I have to start thinking about packing up my things and moving home once again. Saying goodbye to people at the end of this semester is proving to be more and more difficult. I have lots of close friends graduating and will not be returning in the fall. It is crazy to think that I will be a senior and I will start getting ready to finish up at Purdue and I will have to start using the skills I learned in my classes out in the real world in my internship and hopefully a job after that. I have been blessed with another wonderful year at Purdue. I am sad to see it come to an end, but I think I am ready for summer to come and ready for new adventures in the future.
<><> Anna

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is it really possible?!

Well, finals week is upon us and another school year is coming to a close. As I look back on my junior year I am absolutely amazed at how fast the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday that I was loading up my car to move into Earhart Residence Hall for BGR week as a freshman. And now here I am, on the threshold of my senior year! Yikes! The past three years have held many experiences that have shaped the person that I am today. It’s funny to think about how much I have grown from my freshman year up until now. I have friends from all parts of not only the country, but the world…I helped coordinate one of the greatest traditions at Purdue (Grand Prix)…and I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest. I continually am humbled by these blessings in my life.

Going into my senior year is a surreal feeling. I am preparing to take the GRE (Graduate Records Exam) at the end of May, and will begin applying to graduate schools in the fall. Throughout high school and the first few years here at Purdue I was preparing for my future…all of a sudden that future is becoming a reality. Things are falling into place!

This summer I will be returning to Camp Tecumseh for my 2nd year as a resident camp counselor. I could not be more excited to head back to Tecumseh Bend Road and be reunited with some of the best friends that I have ever made. Camp Tecumseh definitely holds a special place in my heart; if you were ever a camper there you probably know what I mean!! J

To all you incoming freshman, I hope you realize how awesome the next few years will be for you. There will be tough times for sure, but your life will be changed by the experiences that you will encounter. I encourage you to meet as many new people as possible and try lots of new things…you will never be in a place again where there are so many opportunities to get involved with such a variety of activities! Best of luck to you in your journey at Purdue and BOILER UP!!!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summer Jobs

Being that it is dead week and not much is going on, I felt it fitting to discuss summer jobs. Whether it is a job or an internship, summer is a key time to beef up that resume. Over the past two summers I have worked at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio. Here I worked in their sales division making reservations for hotels, indoor water parks, and cottages and cabins. It was a great time as I enjoyed all of the benefits being an employee has to offer, such as getting into the park whenever I wanted to! Miss Lisa West and Jade Wilson made the summer go by very fast as we always had good conversations about the Cleveland Cavs and Lebron James!
This summer however I will be away from the hills and thrills as I travel out west to Yellowstone National Park. Here I will be roughly 2 miles from the East Side Entrance at Pahaska Tepee about an hour away from Cody Wyoming. Here I plan to be a host in their restaurant as well as work the front desk area. This is a much smaller operation as there are roughly only 40 employees, compared to Cedar Point that had over 5000! Don’t worry I will keep everyone posted and provide you all with many pictures as the summer approaches!
I went ahead and posted links to both websites in case any of you are looking for summer plans!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pop Art

My most recent project for my A&D 106 class required that we create something out of Red Bull/Pop cans. Those who decided to do their entire project out of Red Bull cans had the option of entering their work into a contest. If selected, their work would be shown in an exhibition for the company. I believe last year this was in Texas. [However, if entered, they would not get their artwork back.]

Personally I don’t drink a lot of Red Bull, nor do I know many that do, so I went the pop can route. I asked around and ended up with 2 garbage bags full of pop cans. Little did I know that I would need all of them.

I decided to make a dress out of the cans. At first I wanted it to look extremely futuristic but then a huge factor came into play: time. I had a week to make it. So I set off, making a strapless black dress [including a lining and invisible zipper] and punching out rounded rectangles with a tool I purchased at Hobby Lobby. In order to punch these shapes out, the can itself must first be deconstructed. Hence, I had to cut the top and bottom off every can in order to have a cylinder, that once slit, became a rectangle fit for puncturing.
I’m not sure how many shapes I punched, but it was about 90 cans with 4-5 punches per can. So a lot haha. And I used every single one. I was going to try and make a graphic motif but time deemed that impossible so I tried to incorporate more design into the dress by making the upper bodice all silver [the backside of the aluminum] and from the waist down a rainbow gradient, with the amount of shapes diminishing and fading as they reached the hem. At the hem I put a row of the rounded domes at the end of the cans, which contrasted nicely against the black fabric. The picture shown is the dress without anything glued on yet.

Attaching these proved interesting. Primarily I didn’t know what type of glue to use, so I asked a salesperson at home depot and they gave me caulking glue. Due to my lack of construction knowledge, I didn’t purchase a caulking gun, and when I tried to open the glue, I couldn’t squeeze it, ended up getting on Facebook chat around 1 AM, and my guy friend at IU told me what the problem was. The next day I bought 3 tubes of super glue and prayed it would work. It did! I got it all over my hands but it turned out swell.

For extra credit we could make a video of our creation in action so I decided to do a music video. The only video I could think of with the word “pop” in it was “Pop, Lock & Drop It” by Huey. This was also quite interesting, for I decided to go around campus in my get-up asking random people to do “pop, lock & drop it” or sing lyrics for me. Needless to say, I only got one random person to assist; the rest were my friends. And luckily I got a few pointers about editing videos from a future ambassador and fellow Apparel Tech major, Alysha Kupferer. Here is the youtube link if you would like to check it out:

After the video concluded I decided to add pop tab straps to it and a big red pop tab on the surface of the zipper on the back for an extra touch. Overall I loved this project! This class mainly focuses on expanding your design into construction and planning processes, for it is all 3-D art. Challenging, but interesting.

I hope everyone’s getting a chance to enjoy this wonderful weather! I’ll blog some more after dead week! :)