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Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Coming to a Close

This summer sure has gone by fast! It has been very busy this summer with record-breaking numbers of people coming into Yellowstone. Over 644,000 people visited in June alone, which broke the previous record by 40,000. All 9 hotels and 5 campgrounds have been filling up non-stop and phone calls are still coming in! It has been truly incredible.

Although this summer has been busy with work it has also been busy outside of work. We have been hiking nonstop as well. Caroline and I managed to hike 312 miles. It was well worth every hike. I have attached three of my favorite photos from the summer hikes. The first is me on top of Electric Peak which is on the NW Side of the park, a 20 mile roundtrip mountain climb. The second is me fording our first river in the NE section of the park; the ford was .2 miles into the hike so you ended up being wet at the beginning and the end. The third is a picture of Caroline in front of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone; this is a great picture simply because the background of the picture looks fake as though you are in front of a green screen. But I can tell you it is definitely real and very beautiful!

Yes, this summer is coming to a close very rapidly. On August third I will be back in West Lafayette for R.A. Training which I am very much looking forward to!

See you all soon back on campus!

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