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Boiler Up!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hospitality Week

This week is the 1st annual Hospitality Week at Purdue! This week all of the HTM organizations are coming together and “showing signs of hospitality.” Each day a different organization is putting on an event and on Friday all the clubs are coming together to host a 1 mile fun run. The “Souper Hero Run” as it is called will be a one mile fun run through campus. The registration is $5 and all the proceeds go to Lafayette Urban Mission which is a local food bank. Participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite super hero and each participant will receive a cup of soup at the end (donated by Darden).


Final Spring Break

Spring Break was a nice time to get away from Purdue and escape the everyday business of what happens on campus. Caroline and I took off to Tampa, Florida, to meet up with some friends we made while working at Yellowstone this past summer, Tom and Ann. Ann is a fourth grade teacher in the local community so Caroline and I went into her class on Friday to tell them a little about the “college experience”. We told them about our class schedule and just how valuable our college education is to us. We then enjoyed the next few days canoeing, building sandcastles and doing a little hiking in the Florida area. I must say it was quite different from Yellowstone!

The countdown begins for graduation!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Day in the City

So..I have a snow day.

New York City was hit with about 18 inches so far, and despite an army of plows/salt machines, the roads [and sidewalks] are still treacherous. New Jersey and Brooklyn are even worse; hence, school was closed for the day. I have to go out in the weather down to Soho in a bit, but I thought I’d take advantage of some spare time to type something up.

After an elongated, and much needed, winter break, we started up a month ago in full force. Since I’ll be technically graduating from F.I.T. this May, all of our classes are very intensive. I have eight classes, all which require top-level performance. One of my classes in particular has placed high emphasis on the end of the year exhibition. This year’s theme for the 1-yr AAS students is Valentino. We essentially came up with 50 designs inspired by the works of Valentino Garavani over break, met with a critic to narrow it down to one, and are now in the process of creating these opulent pieces. Only half of the students’ work will be selected to be shown in the exhibition, so it’s quite competitive!

I really can’t believe a month has passed this quickly; I also can’t believe I only have just three months left . I’m trying to make the most of it, though. I’ve had the chance to go to the MOMA and see the Tim Burton exhibit, fabric swatch at Mood practically every other day, apply for internships, experience Central Park in the snow, and I now just obtained a part time job at the Anthropologie on Fifth Avenue. I also have friends planning on visiting this semester, so I’m looking forward to taking them around the city and having fun.
But first the snow has to stop! Haha. It looks absolutely gorgeous – and don’t get me wrong I love snow days that you don’t need to make up – but I’m itching for spring. Our spring break is the last week of March, so hopefully it will be splendidly warm by then. I’ll try and write another post around that time as well – until then, I miss you all, and enjoy your own spring break in a week or so!