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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Summer!

It has been a fast start to summer! After finals last Thursday I went back to Ohio for a mere three days before heading west. My mom and I left early Sunday afternoon and by the end of the day we were just west of Chicago. Early Monday morning we woke up and took off. We drove through the rest of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and we ended the day on the west side of South Dakota. We are only 350 miles away from Yellowstone and we are looking forward to only having a six hour drive on Tuesday rather than twelve.

Along the way we stopped at a few different stops, each stop was very unique. The first place we stopped at was the Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota. There we checked out the Palace made of Corn. Each year the palace is changed to have different scenes and a different year. We talked to a local and he mentioned that they will start to “rebuild” the palace at the end of August and get it ready for 2010.

After Mitchell, we headed to Wall. Wall is home to the famous Wall Drug Store. It is so famous you see the first signs for it 355 miles away. About every 5 miles you will see signs advertising for free ice water, as well as 5 cent coffee. When we arrived it was like a ghost town as hardly anyone was there, of course it is not peak season and I am sure traffic will pick up after Memorial Day weekend. As you will see there is a famous animal unique to this area as well. It is known as a Jackelope. It is a white rabbit with antlers, if you have never seen one before I provided you with a picture.
As for Caroline she is in Bozeman Montana tonight. She flew all day on Monday and arrived there about 7:00pm eastern time. She waved to us as she flew over head.

Happy Summer,

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