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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Graduation--Goodbye Purdue, Hello World

The College of Consumer & Family Sciences graduated its seniors on Saturday, May 16 at 2:30 p.m. I had heard from many that graduation was boring and a waste of time but I truly enjoyed the ceremonies and the tradition that comes along with graduation. I loved the walk from the Armory to Elliot Hall of Music.

I was at the very end of the line, so as I walked to my seat, I got to see the sea of black hats and it was truly an awesome sight. In the ceremony, President France Cordova spoke, along with an outstanding senior nursing student. The band played and the Glee Club sang. We received our diplomas and sang "Hail Purdue" and then it was over!

After the ceremonies, CFS hosted a reception in our honor. Then my family and I went all over campus taking pictures.

It was a great day, and I am so proud to be an alum of such an awesome university. Thanks to all who made it possible for me to attend Purdue and have such an amazing experience!
Boiler UP!

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