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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summer Jobs

Being that it is dead week and not much is going on, I felt it fitting to discuss summer jobs. Whether it is a job or an internship, summer is a key time to beef up that resume. Over the past two summers I have worked at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio. Here I worked in their sales division making reservations for hotels, indoor water parks, and cottages and cabins. It was a great time as I enjoyed all of the benefits being an employee has to offer, such as getting into the park whenever I wanted to! Miss Lisa West and Jade Wilson made the summer go by very fast as we always had good conversations about the Cleveland Cavs and Lebron James!
This summer however I will be away from the hills and thrills as I travel out west to Yellowstone National Park. Here I will be roughly 2 miles from the East Side Entrance at Pahaska Tepee about an hour away from Cody Wyoming. Here I plan to be a host in their restaurant as well as work the front desk area. This is a much smaller operation as there are roughly only 40 employees, compared to Cedar Point that had over 5000! Don’t worry I will keep everyone posted and provide you all with many pictures as the summer approaches!
I went ahead and posted links to both websites in case any of you are looking for summer plans!


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