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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Purdue Fashion Show 2009

Hi! I’m currently a sophomore in Apparel Design here at Purdue and loving it more every day! Above is a picture taken this weekend between the two fashion shows – my sister, Lauren (left), my great friend and model, Heather (middle), and myself (right). Before we get to the show details I’ll give a little background about AD&T here at Purdue.
Our major houses anywhere from 11-30 or so per grade, so it’s a really tight-knit group of designers/friends/peers here on campus. My primary year here I took general education courses and about 2 major related classes each semester. This year I experienced the same trend first semester but this spring my week entails of the following:

MWF: A&D 106 [Design II; Art], CSR 209 [Intro to Retail Management], CSR 327 [History of Fashion] TTh: CSR 221 [Apparel Design II], CSR 255 [Apparel Showcase – Fashion Show Production], BAND 117 [flute]

All classes contain challenging course requirements; however I have grown tremendously this semester as a student and a designer. I look forward to continuing my development in this field at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC next year, and simply cannot wait until senior year when I get to work on my senior collection! So…on that note, on to details concerning the fashion show last weekend!

As most in CFS know, the Apparel Design and Technology/ Purdue Fashion Association Fashion Show was held this past Saturday in the Shively Room of the Ross-Ade press box. We had two shows, one at 1:00 PM and the other at 8:00 PM, along with an art gallery located 2 floors above. Our crowds were quite full this year; we even sold out at the night show. Overall the show proved very successful and showcased all of our hard work for others to see.

I’ll give you a glimpse into how the show works:
We do have a course specifically allotted for the preparation and production of this major event (CSR 255). Between the 100 or so of us we divide into separate groups, including Promotions, Model Management, Music and Visuals, Design and Dressers, Hair and Makeup, etc. This year I was on the Design and Dressers team and we handled the organization of what individuals were putting into the show, making sure garments were getting completed with multiple checkpoints, examining clothes for construction analysis, and handling the transport and arrangement of all the garments from our sewing lab to Shively and into the dressing areas.

For the show, each level has a requirement.
Freshmen must submit either a piece into the art gallery or an outfit on the runway.

Sophomores and Juniors must send out at least two outfits on the runway, but they can do more if space/time allows if so desired.

I believe the Senior requirement was raised to 6 models this year. Again, this is just the minimum. All of the seniors produced impressive shows that showcased their skills and design technique well.

Featured photos include the outstanding collections of Anneliese Schaegler, Audrey Reiter, and Shelby Kreger.

This year I did both outfits outside of my class requirements. (Class requirements in CSR 221 this year for sophomores have required a sleeveless bodice, a personal pant sloper, a bifurcated garment, a garment with a collar and sleeves, a skirt, an accessory, and a Goodwill creative transfiguration project, all except the latter draped and patterned.)

For my first model, and friend since 4th grade, I made a black python pencil skirt, a butterfly twisted red satin top, and a knit cropped sweater. Inspiration for this design came from my consultation with Heather (model) – she stated she wanted something she could wear to work and out in the evening. We conflicted over the skirt material, but she conceded and I’m making here a zebra print skirt on the side.

My other model Maria, my roommate last year and good friend, wanted a glamorous dress with a tad of sex appeal. I channeled some of my inner Beyoncé [haha] and came up with this draped design with the attachment of antique jeweled brooches at the straps. As you can see we had a random, fun photo shoot after the night show.
I’ll be honest, due to other class projects, including a lengthy paper, two art projects, and sewing assignments, I spent basically all of my free time in the sewing lab since spring break. I even pulled two all-nighters last week. Probably not healthy, but I accomplished everything and when dress rehearsal rolled around, we dragged our weary bodies up to Ross-Ade, craving sleep, but once our models hit the runway, we just all got so excited. We even ordered a pizza.

I’m so excited for everyone in our major; all of the designers here are talented in their own unique way. Although I broke down more than twice last week, went broke ordering food to eat on campus, and consumed way too much caffeine, in some odd way it was worth it. I achieved more than I ever thought I could have last year.

I came to Purdue with a strong background in art studies; however, I had only sewn a pillow and a skirt in my entire life, one in junior high. It was quite daunting, but now I feel I have grown so much and look forward to further developing my skills. I’m hoping to do my retail internship and the Keystone Mall in Indianapolis this summer or back home at a large mall near South Bend, Indiana. Then I will take off for a year in New York.

I will certainly miss everyone, campus, the fashion show, my lovely professors Susan and Nancy, and the comforts of my apartment, but I know it will be an experience unmatched by any other.

If anyone ever has any questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail at hardya@purdue.edu.
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, and as we say, “happy sewing!”

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  1. cool runway! the designs looks awesome! Congratulations excellent job!