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Boiler Up!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Fest and More!!

This weekend was one of the most exciting and busiest spring weekends Purdue has, I did not miss out. Friday, there was the start of Gala weekend and this encourages the graduating class from 50 years ago (1959) to come back and enjoy Purdue. They had Perry Yeatman (Senior V.P for Internal Corporate Affairs for Kraft Foods) come and speak about study abroad opportunities and her story getting her foot in the door, especially as a woman- she was very inspiring.
Later that evening was the awards dinner; here seniors who are truly outstanding receive awards and outstanding alumni receive awards as well. Pictured here are two of our ambassadors who received Outstanding Senior Awards, Amy for Foods and Nutrition and Derek for Hospitality and Tourism Management.
This year it was in the press box- here is a picture of the webmaster and myself in front of the awesome view!

The yellow and white striped tents around campus show cased Spring Fest. This is where many organizations around campus set up tables and provide activities and food for families; one of the favorite things to do is spit crickets! On Saturday, I was blowing up balloons and handing them out to people- it was packed; I work at the stand with pulled pork and there was not a time when there wasn’t a line of people at the booth. It is a festivity that gets the whole campus out. Here is the Ambassadors Wheel of Fortune!!

Also on Saturday Purdue played there Spring Game, to get everyone pumped for football! It is an event that brings students and old football players in to see what to expect for the future!

Finally Sunday, it was the day where lots of awards went on. In the morning there was the awards breakfast (at 8:30- pretty early) for Mortar Board; at least there was great food to wake me up! Then at 1:00pm there was Purdue’s recognition program for students and faculty, this includes students who have made Dean’s List or the Outstanding Seniors or another award. After that there was a Reception/Colloquium, where seniors who did an honors project show cased all their hard work! It was great to be able to look at the projects they have been working on for over a year plus enjoy sprinkle cookies and golden punch.

This was a crazy but fun weekend at Purdue! Boiler Up!!

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