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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First 5K Ever!

Today(Sunday April 19) I ran my first 5K ever. My saga began several weeks ago when my friend, Sarah, spotted a group of students promoting this event around campus. We started training immediately and enjoyed setting goals and accomplishing them. Due to a busy schedule, I had not been able to run since this past Tuesday and was a little scared that it might show. However, Sarah and I kept a good pace and finished the race without stopping. The route started at Vawter Field with some music to get us pumped, then circled around the golf course and football stadium and finally ended back at Vawter. Finishing strong was quite an accomplishment for me since I have never considered myself a runner. I’m very surprised to say this, but I think I’m ready to run another and maybe even work my way up to a 10K!

Four weeks until graduation,

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