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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Straining towards what is Ahead

School is getting ready to come to an end which is kind of unbelievable. In a few days dead week will be here and then finals which brings the ending of another semester. As a junior I am getting ready for my upcoming senior year and starting to look at applications for Dietetic internships next semester. It is so crazy to think that I am getting ready for my senior year and my last year at Purdue.

Looking back it has gone so quickly. It seems like a few weeks ago I was coming into Purdue from Columbus East high school and scared about being at a huge university and wondering where my future might lead.

Even with lots of projects, homework and studying these last few weeks I am excited to get ready for my senior year and see where my future might lead. I found out today my summer plans and I am finally getting excited about finishing up this semester. I am going to be working with Purdue Extension. As a 10 year 4-H member I am excited to be back in my home county and getting involved with 4-H again.

I never would have thought my junior year would hopefully be coming to a successful end and then getting ready to take an intern position with the 4-H extension back in my home county. This semester has been filled with ups and down and thankfully I am reaching the finishing line and getting ready to start a new adventure this summer.

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