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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Enemy = Procrastination

Oh, the irony of Procrastination. I know it’s going to happen before it does because I don’t want to do what I am suppose to do- thus leads to all-nighters, red bulls, coffee, and bulging red eyes.

One recent account was one week ago. I had a HUGE Curriculum Development Project due and I started at 6pm in the afternoon and finally finished 5 coffees and eleven hours later- yes, I finished at 5am. Finished is another word for crashed. I officially finished it about 10 am- after my test in my 9 o’clock power hour.

An example of what I looked like at about 11am could be best explained as this:

The good news…. I FINISHED IT! And I got 100% on it. So the irony is some of my best work comes from procrastination. But this isn’t true in all situations.

So, let this be a warning to anyone and everyone. Procrastination does happen! Just don’t let it happen to you!!

~This has been a public service announcement from the desk of Larissa~

Note from the Webmaster: What Larissa said is oh so very true. The irony is that I have had this blog for a few days and have procrastinated on posting it!

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