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Boiler Up!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy busy busy!!

And I thought finals week was hectic! My life is moving in so many positive directions right now, I almost don’t know how to handle things! I just finished my Sophomore year studying Hospitality & Tourism Management and am now working in Fort Wayne, IN. I hold two jobs right now.

One job is at Don Hall’s Guesthouse Hotel and Conference Center working as their summer intern. I love it so far! I recently grew an interest in event and event coordination so I am learning many things through this position! I have been getting a lot of banquet experience and I learn something new every day!

My second job is working at Courtney’s Bakery. Courtney specializes in wedding cakes, specialty cakes, and catering. I help her run the front of the bakery assisting customers. There has always been a small side of me that loves to be a part of cakes and baked goods. And I get to observe how small businesses are managed and operated.

I am currently studying to also get a Certificate of Entrepreneurship, so having this experience at Courtney’s is very beneficial. Some of the cakes I see walk out the door are just amazing! And who doesn’t get inspired by the cake shows on TV nowadays?!

On top of two jobs, this summer my little brother is graduating high school! We never thought the day would come! : ) And following in his wonderful sister’s footsteps, he will also be a Boilermaker this coming fall studying Electrical Engineering. His graduation party is this weekend so things are getting crazy.

AND on top of all of these events, my older sister (a Purdue Alumni of Krannert) is getting married in September to another Purdue Alumni! Her bridal shower is this weekend as well! Luckily, event planning is enjoyable for the Maid of Honor, so planning for this shower has been rather enjoyable. ; )

As I said before, things are BUSY! But I couldn’t be happier about the direction my life is moving. Purdue is giving me many things to be thankful for right now!

Boiler Up!

--- Megan Finger

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