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Friday, July 1, 2011

Purdue Is A Great University!

This summer I've been working at Towne Air Freight, which is a Midwest-based truck and airplane freight company. My obvious purpose for getting this job was to save money for next semester. That brings me to a point as to why Purdue was such a good choice for me.

My parents left it to me to pay my way through school, so when I was deciding where to go cost was a priority. Being an in-state student first off made Purdue one of the most affordable, and then with the addition of multiple scholarships I did not need to take out very much at all in loans first semester and none at all second semester. The even better part about the cost is that the Purdue name on a diploma carries a lot of weight. It's like getting a new Audi at used Honda price.

onestly when it comes to the ratio of quality to price, Purdue is hands down the greatest university out there.

-- Andy Wiseman

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