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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And Purdue Goes On

It’s been around two months now that I have spent my summer here at Purdue and can say that summer is a great time to be a Purdue student. The campus is peaceful, the buses un-crowded, and the weather is a mildly warm and breezy. This is the best time to go make those weekend trips that I never have time for during the school year and save up the money that seems to disappear once classes start. My Assistive Technology Center job has been amazing, and I’m learning the in’s-and-out’s of things I would never know about Purdue. I’m getting to know students, staff, and prepare for my career by gaining experience and making important connections. PLUS I get paid. Who could ever want more?

In between my online class (Ethics… I’m starting to learn how to deal with all of the philosophy, which is tough) and my job, I’ve been able to hit the pool (a lot!), explore the outdoors around campus that I never knew existed (my mountain bike loves the trails in McCormick Woods) and have gone to the Taste of Chicago (AMAZING!) and an Indianapolis Indian’s baseball game! I feel so busy, and the days are flying by!

However, I can’t help but miss the hustle and bustle of classes, the train whistle blast of the Boilermaker Special, and the excitement of all there is to do when regular classes are in session. I cannot wait to rejoin my sorority sisters in our house together, see my friends from my Health and Kinesiology classes, and have back the culture on campus that really makes Purdue. I miss everyone and can’t wait for full-time Purdue life to kick back into gear!

--- Colleen Troke

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