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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Design Internship!

This entire semester I have been working on applying to a study abroad internship program for summer 2010 in Sydney, Australia. As of Monday (April 12, 2010) I officially have my internship placement and I couldn’t be more excited.

I will be working with Australian couturiers ‘Romance Was Born’ for about two months this summer. Their work is epic and I feel so honored that I am getting the opportunity to add my skill sets to their company. I never would have believed that I would get such a fantastic opportunity for my first design position, and I am honestly not so sure I even believe it now. All of the design students at Purdue are so tallented that it's hard to realize how impressive your portfolio actually is. Because it is such a small company, they warned me that it will be “all hands on deck” and that this is not an internship where I will be going to get coffee. I have never been so excited and ready to hit the ground running. Can this semester please be over now? I want to go to Sydney!  --Alysha

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