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Boiler Up!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mid-summer already?

That’s right! And in a month students will be swarming campus and making up for lost time. Being at such a diverse campus, I’ve been able to meet friends from all over the world, which has only led to incredible experiences. While a short road trip will usually mean a weekend with my friends, so will a flight to The Netherlands! Exactly one year ago, I was anxiously boarding a plane to fly 4,193 miles for a stay with a fellow Boilermaker. Not only did I discover that there really are Purdue fans all over the world, but I was able to experience Dutch life.I felt like I was living in a postcard (I’m talking about the postcards that look 100% photo-shopped)and time flew by way too fast. Every day was packed with unforgettable experiences.
I ate delicious food on the daily, visited The Hague for a shopping trip, went inside many windmills, watched the making of wooden shoes(and tried on multiple pairs), toured Amsterdam during the day and night, dressed in orange from head to toe to watch Holland play in the World Cup championship game, and saw a beautiful light show from what seemed like castles in Belgium, all while spending two weeks with an amazing family. The point isn’t to brag about my experiences, but to focus on the importance of friendships that are made at Purdue. My family moved me into my dorm room, a shy girl who knew no one, and picked me up from a place that felt like home. Dorm life gives you the opportunity to quickly connect with others that will become so important to you. This is what makes four years go by faster than you thought it could! So, while I reminisce about a summer trip to Europe, I remember that this trip wouldn’t have been possible without meeting my friend as a freshman at Purdue, and I consider myself so lucky to be a Boilermaker.

Boiler Up,

--- Jacey Abney

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