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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August means back to school!

Honestly, after working all summer I couldn't wait to get back on campus. There is so much going on: call-outs, organizations, intramural, and social events. There is not a single evening in the first two months of school where you can't find an evening activity or some free food! All you have to do to find something to get you out of your room and into some fun is look at the fliers on the walls, the announcements scrolling all around, or even the chalk drawings on the ground! I can say without a doubt I was never bored my first semester at Purdue ever. I also get to see all my friends I made last year that I haven't seen all summer. Side note to any freshman reading this: get out of your high school comfort zone! You can still hang with your old friends, but there are so many other people to meet. You can make a ton of new friends by joining a team, a club, a study group, or even just living in a dorm. My other tip - which goes for anyone - is to join a club. There is a club for everything, literally everything, and you can join with no experience at all. Get out, get involved, and get social. That is my recipe for loving college life.

--- Andy Wiseman

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