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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don’t like the classes you are taking? Do something about it!

The goal of college is to graduate with a degree from which we can begin to build a career. From semester to semester there are always going to be classes you like more than others; some will be straightforward, some dull, some stimulating, and some will challenge you to study more than you ever thought possible. We all have set guidelines and regulations to fulfill for our majors, but outside that there is leeway in course choice via electives.

I have seen many of my peers take classes they have little or no interest in simply because they think it will be an “easy A”. I find that people perform much better in classes they are sincerely interested in. It makes attending class enjoyable and homework seem like less of a chore. You find yourself wanting to learn more about a topic, not just obligated to in order to achieve a good mark.

Purdue has such an excellent selection of courses there is no reason to be stuck in an elective you dislike. College is a time to prepare for a future career but it is also an opportunity to expand your interests and worldview. So this is my challenge to you: broaden your horizons, take a subject you have never tried before. You may just find your new minor.

--- Maggie Flynn

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