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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exam Advice . . . .

As I hit a week with four exams -Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights- I looked backed at first round of exams last year, as a freshman. I remember not actually being worried too much. I was thinking, "Yeah it's college, but we haven't gone over any material that has blown my mind, and the professors haven't been as demonic as my high school teachers portrayed them to be. I've got these exams down." I did well for the most part, but I got my BIO 110 exam grade back and it was a low C. Ouch. I was really caught off guard. I was playing catch-up from there.

One amazing tip for any student but especially freshmen: take the first exams seriously. Some of the material is review, so you should score higher. Exams 2,3, and 4 are going to be harder without a doubt, so you need to score the highest you can on the first one to keep that average up.

The weather may be nice and the temptation to spend your time doing something besides studying is awful, stick it out and prepare yourself so the first round of exams is a cakewalk.

--- Andy Wiseman

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