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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

World Travel

This summer I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and study abroad in London. In May I went to London with the Purdue London Internship Program. It was very exciting and the adventures did not end until I was on the plane back to the U.S. I interned at a company called Proscenium Tours. I did some marketing for the company, worked on the CRM program, shadowed my supervisor and went on a couple of package delivery trips. My favorite place I visited was Aberdeen Scotland and watching Phantom of the Opera Musical at Her Majesty Theatre.

My most memorable moment would be going to Wimbledon and seeing my favorite tennis player Rafael Nadal make it to the finals. I thought living with four other people I did not know would be very complicated but I made some really good friends on the trip. I learned that although I thought I knew the British culture most of the ideas I had were stereotypes and generalizations. By living in London for 2 months I learned a lot about British culture from the class I took called Intercultural Communication, meeting locals, interacting at work and just observing people on the tube and the bus.

My summer is not yet over as I am going back to Thailand tomorrow and will be going to Zimbabwe and South Africa in a week to see my extended family. I look forward to being a senior at Purdue and being able to share my experiences with my friends, prospective students and alumni. I can’t wait to hangout in West Lafayette with the friends I made in London.

--- Ska Nkala

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