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Monday, October 31, 2011

One of my most exciting experiences!

One of the most exciting experiences I have had since I’ve been to Purdue happened two weekends ago on the Friday night of the 2011 Homecoming weekend when I was crowned the Purdue 2011 Homecoming Queen. Last year as a junior I was nominated to apply and decided to fill out the lengthy application to be named to the Homecoming Court. I received a very exciting email in May that I was chosen to represent Purdue on the Homecoming Court along with several of my friends and my boyfriend as well. What was even more exciting was that my boyfriend and I were on the same ticket, allowing him to be my escort and for us to campaign together.
We began helping with a PSUB event during BGR week and continued helping with events all the way up to the day of the Pep Rally and Parade. This allowed us to get to know the other candidates and get our faces out to the Purdue students. A week and a half before the Homecoming game, we began campaigning by hanging our posters around everywhere on campus from Residence Halls to academic buildings, to businesses down on Chauncey to fraternity and sorority houses. We made t-shirts for all of our friends that had a cute “Lion King” theme, with the statement “Oh I just can’t wait to (maybe) be King/Queen” and our names on the back. This was when students could start voting and it was a really exciting time for me seeing how many of my friends, specifically my sorority, really supported me. I felt so loved and excited to see so many of my friends posting status’ on Facebook to vote for me and wearing my t-shirts around campus proudly.

As the Friday of Homecoming week approached, I was so excited to enjoy the weekend and create a memory I knew I would never forget. The parade was unforgettable, riding in the back of a white Mustang convertible, along with many floats decorated to the “Superhero” theme of Homecoming this year. After the parade, we arrived at Slayter hill where we were introduced to the crowd. After the Court was introduced they quickly named the Purdue Homecoming Queen and last year’s Queen gave me a crown, sash and bouquet of flowers. Right after, Gabe Clark, a good friend of mine, was crowned the 2011 Homecoming Queen. As you can imagine, I could hardly believe what had just happened but was so honored to represent Purdue. I was so happy to see all of my sisters, friends and family out in the crowd cheering so loudly for me. It was one of the happiest moments I’ve ever had.

The next day the festivities continued with a tailgate in the morning, a speech outside Armstrong, and the opportunity to go on the field during half-time at the game and shake hands with our President, President Cordova. The weekend was a happy blur of good memories and an unforgettable experience that I will always cherish.

--- Kaylie Waltz

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