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Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting used to my Schedule

This month has been very busy for me. I am getting used to classes, research, work, and extracurricular activies and sometimes it can get a little stressful, but I think that it will be okay once I get used to it.

Classes have been great, last week we had our first exams and I did pretty well on them. Research is getting interesting, because now I am familiar with the lab. Before, I had trouble with the assignments that I had to do and that caused me some trouble. Working in the library is awesome, because I can do homework and study while at work.

Last but not least, my extra-curricular activities are full in effect. I participate in four clubs on campus and they are all pretty active, so with the extra time I have it goes to the club. Even though I am really busy and somewhat stressed out, I am enjoying every minute of my life.

--- Ciatu Fahnbulleh

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