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Boiler Up!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Time is Flying By . . . .

Wow! I cannot believe this semester is already halfway over and that I will be signing up for my last semester at Purdue by the end of this month! Time is flying by and I am constantly on the go. I think this is the busiest I have ever been. My class schedule is packed and I am working on finishing up my honors project and trying to decide which dietetic internships I want to apply to. Although times are crazy I am enjoying every second of it.

Last month I went to the Lupe Fiasco concert and the Purdue vs. Notre Dame game. Even though the game was a little bit of a letdown the concert was a blast (It was my first rap concert, haha). Also, this past weekend I went to a corn maze with a group of friends which was a lot of fun and we are planning on making a trip down to Indy next month to go rock climbing at Climb Time!

I am so excited that it is my senior year but I am starting to get sad thinking about leaving Purdue. We just had someone sign the lease on the house that my roommates and I have been living in for the past couple of yearsL. It’s also weird to keep hearing about friends having job interviews and offers, I feel like we all grew up way too fast! Although I feel like time has flown I am excited about getting out into the real world to start my career as a dietitian. I am starting to get anxious about the internship process and it drives me insane that we will not know if/where we will be placed until April 1st!

Happy fall everyone and Boiler Up!

--- Teryn

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