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Boiler Up!!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

My thoughts from October:

With October comes the start of wrestling season for me. Time commitment goes up without a doubt, but I can still balance the school work and ambassador work with the wrestling.

Wrestling isn't the spectator sport that football and basketball are, but you should consider watching. Our team is constantly ranked in the top 25 nationally; something our football team can't say. The Big Ten Tournament is going to be held at Purdue this year and the Big Ten is the premiere wrestling conference in the country. The conference top 3 teams end up being the top 3 when nationals roll around. Wrestling is a high intensity fast-paced battle between two athletes, and the entry fee with a student ID is a grand total of $2. Wrestling is a great way to get your athletic fix while staying out of the snow. Our first home meet is Nov 17 in the IAF, and our schedule is posted on www.purduesports.com.

I hope to see some boilers in the stands getting rowdy.

--- Andy Wiseman

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