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Boiler Up!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Sponto Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that we have reached the halfway mark of the semester (WHAT?!) everyone seems to have fallen into a "normal" routine. Get up, go to class, do some homework, head to the gym, study, eat dinner, sleep, repeat. Sometimes, we just need to break up the routine a little bit and get spontaneous! Hence, the sponto is born. A sponto is essentially a surprise dance. Sunday night we all went down to dinner to find our dining room decorated completely in pink, and Barbie's face was plastered on anything that would stand still long enough! We each got a letter that told us there would be a dance the next night with a Barbie and Ken theme. We had 24 hours to find a great costume and a Ken! Let me tell you, "types of Barbie" has never been Googled so much in one twenty four hour period, and my date and I decided on being nerd Barbie and Ken. We arrived at the house on Monday night where we were joined by all kinds of Barbie and Ken couples-- prom Barbie and Ken, wedding Barbie and Ken, Pocahontas and John Smith Barbie and Ken, hunter Barbie and Ken, and even viking Barbie and Ken! We hopped on buses and headed to the Muse in Lafayette, where we had a great night laughing hysterically at each other's costumes, brainstorming more Barbie and Ken ideas, catching up with each other, and generally forgetting about homework for the night. The middle of the semester is definitely full of responsibility, but it's definitely necessary to get spontaneous with your sisters every once in awhile!

--- Hailey Wilson

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