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Friday, October 28, 2011

Craziness of My Senior Year

The craziness of my senior year has really begun to hit me. The past few weeks have been filled with application after application. I have decided to apply to graduate school along with applying to jobs in my field of study, Public Health Promotions. I truly forgot how stressful the college application process was. The amount of time it takes up is similar to a part-time job. My goal is to finish all of the applications by November 1st. I think the most time-consuming part of the process is writing the statement of purpose. I am approaching my 6th draft for each of the statements.

Along with graduate school applications, I am also applying to jobs. I will probably be applying to jobs for the next couple of months. Once I complete the graduate school applications, I will concentrate on sending out cover letters and resumes. My internship experience at Purdue Rec Sports has really sparked my interest in applying to positions within the campus recreation field.

October has not been filled with all work and no play. Purdue’s Homecoming was this past weekend. I was able to chat with some alumni at the HHS tent before the football game. It is so inspiring to see the many enthusiastic alumni that always come back for Homecoming weekend. It was even more exciting to see Purdue Football win! ☺

Boiler Up!

--- Jaci Reiter

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