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Friday, October 7, 2011

Nursing Clinicals

My semester thus far has been nothing short of a whirlwind. I am so glad to finally have a break to myself! I never expected to be so academically challenged during my first semester of clinicals. I’ve always heard that nursing was a tough major, but I always thought that was a gross exaggeration. Nope! I was wrong - this major really is as tough as they say.

What people don’t usually hear is how rewarding it is. Last Thursday, I gave a shot for the first time to a classmate. This week, I administered several flu shots to employees and clients at a nursing home. Knowing that I helped actual people is so encouraging, and I loved every minute of it! (I might also have the LMFAO song permanently stuck in my head.)Aside my one-time flu shot clinic, I go to the Veteran’s home almost every week for my clinical, and I always leave the place smiling. The clients there are the kindest people, and the compliments never get old. The employees are also so helpful and inspiring. I can definitely see myself in their shoes someday.

So this week, I had the most difficult test I have ever taken and then the most fun and rewarding experience. After giving flu shots today, I definitely know the agony of classes and exams will be worth it in the end.
TGIOB (Thank God it’s October Break)!

--- Mary Jacobs

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