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Boiler Up!!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Proud to be a Boilermaker :-)

I know this is a little late, as most college students would tell you, October is a very busy month full of lots of projects, papers and tests! But I wanted to let you all know about my fun times at homecoming!

Of course, homecoming weekend was a blast. While I loved being able to meet alumni at the HHS tent, and I loved that our Boilers won, neither of those were my favorite part of the day. My absolute favorite part of the day was seeing a family that my family has been friends with for over 25 years. This family is from Columbus, Ohio. Yep, Buckeye Country! However, their mom is a Purdue Alum, and their dad is an Ohio State Alum. Guess what? Both of the twin girls came to Purdue :-) (I was kind of like a proud older sister that day!) This was the twin girls' first homecoming. The girls' parents and little sister came up for homecoming, and I could tell that the little sister was enjoying the festivities a little too much for the dad. All of the women in the family (Mom, twin daughters, and little sister) were decked out in Purdue gear, while the dad had the nerve to wear his Ohio State hat to Purdue's homecoming weekend. We all gave him such a hard time about it, but he refused to take that hat off! Even though he still showed that he'd rather his daughter's go to Ohio State at the beginning of the day, he still went along with all three of his daughters' enjoyment and participated in many of the homecoming events in the morning. While the girls of that family went to the game, the dad decided he just wanted to walk around campus and get a feel for everything, as, even though his wife is an alum and they've been up for many football games, he'd never really seen the majority of the campus. After the game, the dad finally came out and said that Purdue had a great campus and that he really enjoyed his day here. Wow! Yes, a die hard Buckeye fan actually said that! Now THAT is an October event I'll never forget. :-)

--- Stacy Baker

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