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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slowing Getting Into Summer Routines

Since summer has been about a month in, I have slowly gotten into my every day summer routines. I work a lot and have been trying to exercise and start healthy eating habits to carry me into the busy college school year. I work at a pharmacy, coach basketball, and do lawn care on the side for extra money. I am also taking an online class that proves to be much more in depth than what busy "Summer Kyle" had hoped for. Despite all of the busy work, I have still made sure to make time for my friends, family, and myself.

I am from Lafayette, so I get the pleasure of seeing all my college friends whenever they want to take a visit to Purdue (it's amazing how much I miss being at Purdue, even though it is just 10 minutes away!) I recently went to the Kenny Chesney concert for my friends birthday and was able to catch up with a lot of friends there. My little brother is playing baseball in the Cape Cod League in Boston and I try to keep in touch with him almost every day and watch his games live on the computer. He pitches for Purdue during the regular season and is representing us well! 2 wins and 1 save so far!

I am getting ready to take a vacation to Laguna Beach, California to visit my father. I have not seen him for over 6 months and cannot wait to see him again. I am also bringing my girlfriend out for her birthday and to meet my father, because they have never met! It will be a nice vacation from work and just the summer as a whole. (I never thought I would need a break from summer break!)

That's what I have been up to this summer. I hope everyone else's summer is very productive, but also relaxing! Take some time to yourself every once in awhile, and learn something new, or do something you have never done before! I am learning guitar and planning to go sky diving soon just because it's something I have never done!

--- Kyle Wittgren

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