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Friday, June 3, 2011

Recap of My May!!!

Since I am from Lafayette, I have spent much of my time this past May welcoming back old friends that went off to other colleges (the students not fortunate enough to come to Purdue) and catching up on what has happened in the past school year. I also have enjoyed visiting with the students who did not want to leave Purdue and stayed here for the summer to attend summer school. Another group of people I have had a blast welcoming back to Purdue are the ones who have only been gone from Purdue for a few weeks, but have came back to visit already. Every time I talk with one of these people I hear the same thing, "I am glad to be at home with my family again and stuff, but I just miss being at Purdue so much!" This is why being from Lafayette is so great, I get to enjoy the Purdue atmosphere while in school, and the totally different Purdue atmosphere of the summer.

I have also been very busy with what my Uncle Mike refers to as "the dirty four letter word".....WORK!!! I work at a CVS Pharmacy in Lafayette, coach AAU basketball, and work landscaping for my friend's company. I work a lot but I have also made sure to make plenty of time for relaxation and fun with friends this summer as well. Just in May I made time to go to a Jason Aldean concert, watch my little brother play in Columbus, Ohio in the Big Ten Baseball Tournament, and had a great time with friends at the Indy 500 Race.

So remember this summer, to work as hard as you can when you can, but to also leave some time for yourself to relax and have fun.

--- Kyle

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