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Thursday, June 30, 2011

ASAP Summer Dinner

I am the secretary for the African Student Association at Purdue and a couple of days ago I got to prepare an African meal for the Purdue International center here on campus.

The menu included Jollof Rice, Peanut Butter Chicken, Plantain, Puff Puff, and Ginger Juice.

The first item was the Jollof Rice. Jollof Rice is a tomato and vegetable coated rice.

The second item was the Peanut Butter Chicken. Peanut Butter Chicken is a chicken with African spices with a peanut butter sauce coated over the chicken.

The third item was Plantain. Plantain is a plantain deep- fried in oil. It looks similar to a banana but is bigger.

The fourth item was the Puff Puff. Puff Puff is a pastry that is also deep fried in oil and it is similar to a donut.

The last item was the Ginger Juice. It is juice mixture that contains all types of juices with a hint of ginger in it.

This summer dinner was a great success. Many people came to try the dishes that we prepared and I had a great time making and serving it to them.

--- Ciana Fahnbulleh

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