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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Relaxing in Colorado

It is June 30th, however the last day of my freshman year at Purdue seems like it was just yesterday. This summer has flown by and I can’t believe that I will be getting ready to head back to West Lafayette in just over a month! For now though, I am taking advantage of the great weather in Colorado, relaxing with friends, and preparing myself for my sophomore year.

This coming year is critical in that it is another step in my journey towards medical school. Right now, I am majoring in General Health Sciences with a concentration in Pre-medicine. My course load this coming year will be rigorous with classes like Organic Chemistry, Cellular Biology, and Genetics. To help prepare for this year, I have been reviewing an Organic Chemistry book. One thing I learned this last year at Purdue was that the more preparation put into a class, the better off I was. That is one bit of advice I would really like to stress to all the incoming freshmen. I have also been reading more this summer to keep my mind active because there are definitely a lot of times in the summer where it is easy to become lazy and demotivated. I am excited for the coming year and hopefully my preparation will pay off!

This may be one of the last times I am back home for the summer because I hope to do research somewhere next summer outside of Colorado. Hence, I have taken advantage of going on vacation to California, playing a lot of golf with friends, and I have had a lot of time to be around my family. I took a trip to Kansas State University which is where my sister will be a freshman this fall and I am looking forward to being in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary in a couple of weeks. I have been to a few concerts, seen a couple of Rockies games, and I also have been working at Polo Ralph Lauren. This summer has been filled with enjoyment, but to be honest I can’t wait to be back at Purdue for the start of BGR where I will be a team leader for McHarrison!

Boiler Up!!

--- Geoff Ryan

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