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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maymester Madness!!!!!!!!!!

One course two hours five days a week for four weeks, also commonly referred to at Purdue as a Maymester course. I am currently half way through Entr200 as a Maymester course. I can’t believe how fast the class has flown by. It is crazy to think that in two weeks I have given six presentations, taken nine quizzes, and developed an original idea for a company. The part that’s even crazier is how much I have been able to learn such a short amount of time.

For our midterm assignment we had to come up with a company to potentially launch on the website Kickstarter.com and make a video that could be posted on the website. It’s a really interesting site which gives entrepreneurs a platform to ask for funding to start their projects. The entrepreneurs keep complete ownership in their company and the donors get a gift of gratitude for supporting their endeavor. I been spending a lot of time checking out people’s innovative ideas on the site and they are really cool. You should check it out!

It is such a relief to be done with my midterm and have a three day weekend. I have been enjoying it by spending the weekend with my family in Michigan. Its back to class on Tuesday and in two weeks, I will be done. Craziness.

--- Kelsey Leliaert

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