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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Public Health Internship Experience

I am so lucky to have landed a great internship with Purdue Rec Sports. I began last October and have learned so much in the last couple of months. In fact, this internship has really opened new doors for me. I really had no idea the large role Rec Sports plays in each student’s life. I had this assumption that Rec Sports just consisted of a fitness facility and fitness classes. I learned quickly that is not the case at all. The most interesting fact I found out about Purdue is that we have a high ropes course near campus that Rec Sports facilitates. Many different groups on campus utilize this ropes course for team-building exercises. Plus, they are extremely fun.

My role at Rec Sports is to help manage the Fitness and Wellness Programs offered at Purdue. I am currently in the midst of my capstone project. My capstone project is to create wellness presentations that will supplement our current Learn To Play Away program. Learn To Play Away is a fitness instructor request program. So, your organization can request a fitness class like yoga and zumba and we will come to your location and conduct a class for you. My goal is to add a short wellness presentation to the fitness class. College is a very critical time for students to build lifelong healthy habits. This is a way to educate students about healthy habits. I have been working on the program since October and cannot wait until it is up and running.

I have been enjoying this internship so much that I am interested in pursing a career in recreational sports. It has been very difficult because there are so many different paths in the health field and I seem to enjoy them all.

Boiler Up!

-- Jaci Reiter

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