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Boiler Up!!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

College Musts

With the semester in full swing now, I found its really easy to get a case of the winter “blahs.” Luckily, the weather has been on Purdue’s side so far, and we’ve had a really mild winter. I never thought I would take so much notice in the weather, but having to walk even 5 minutes to class takes some preparation. The best investment I have made in my college career is my pair of rain boots. Never have I had a pair of shoes that I’ve loved and used so much. Anyone here can attest to the utter importance and awesomeness that is the rain boot. They are an every-season kind of shoe that is a definite college staple.

Now that I’ve publicized my love of rain boots, I need to also say how amazing my experience in the Residence Halls have been. This is my second year living in the dorms, and I’m really glad I did. Last year, I met my roommate online, so I only knew a little about her, but I’m so glad I did. We are both in nursing, so having almost the same schedule made it really easy to study or relax in our room. We lived in Earhart, which I loved! The dining court was right down stairs, so during those below zero days, I never had to venture outside just to eat. This year I upgraded to Windsor (remodeled within the past few years), which has been just as awesome. Again, the dining court is connected to the hall, so no inclement weather has to come in the way of my eating. It’s great living with so many friends, and there is never a dull moment. Also, I love being able to walk to anywhere on campus, the longest walk being about 15 minutes away. I never appreciated how nice not having to drive everywhere is before coming to college. Though the rooms aren’t as luxurious as some TV shows make them out to be, they are also not the horror stories you hear of either. I would definitely recommend living in the dorms for at least one year while at Purdue. It’s a great way to meet new people, and have as many desserts as you please!

Now, all I have to ace my round of tests coming up and avoid the colds that have been circulating. Boiler Up! (Go Giants!)

-- Mary Jacobs

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