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Friday, January 13, 2012

First Blog of 2012!

Winter Break is the lazy river ride after the white water rapids that is finals week.

Taking time away from school and spending some time with the family is very relaxing, unless you have a family like mine; they couldn't wait for me to head back to school! After a little time off for Christmas, I came back to school early to continue my training for wrestling. Winter Break is the middle of our season, so we can't take much time off, but not having to worry about any school things was very nice. I missed home, but once I was there I realized I missed school more. The friends, food, activities, and overall atmosphere of Purdue has become more familiar to me than anything else, and I'm just a sophomore.

Whether you live in this state or not even this country, Purdue can be your home just like it is mine.

-- Andrew Wiseman

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