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Boiler Up!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back to School!!!

After a long and relaxing break, it was finally time to come back to Purdue and get ready for the second semester. As much as I love a break from school and getting to see my family, it's always fun to come back to school and see all of your friends. I moved back into my apartment and was quickly ready to meet up with some friends to catch up. However, after getting a chance to get reacquainted with everyone, the work begins again. Lately, like all of the other students on campus, I’ve been busy trying to straighten out my class schedule as well as get all of my books and supplies that I will need for the semester. In addition, it is important to get organized and plan out time in your schedule for homework, clubs, extracurricular activities, and free time. It’s always a hassle but once you get everything done and are prepared for the semester, you feel so good! When you think about it though, it’s funny how when you’re on break your excited to get back to school, but as soon as classes start you can’t wait for things to die down again.

Is it Spring Break yet!?

-- Sam Shaner

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