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Boiler Up!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Much Needed - Fall Break!!!

Every October, we students are given a much needed vacation, Fall Break. After a few months of school, this long weekend is a little piece of heaven! For a few days the campus gets quiet as everyone goes home to visit family (or rather a trip to Las Vegas like a few of my friends did) or relax for the weekend.

This year I was lucky enough to steal away to southern Indiana in the middle of nowhere for a few days of camping. I loaded up the boyfriend, two dogs, and a whole bunch of other necessities in my pick-up and started the journey to one of the many state parks we have in Indiana. After a few days of no cell phone service, a warm camp fire to sit by and one-too-many s’mores later, we finally travelled back to civilization and good ole Purdue.

Glad to be back, the next weekend I was lucky enough to go see Luke Brian the night before Homecoming! He played here in our Elliott Hall of Music and was absolutely amazing! Each year we get big headliners to come play; freshman year I went to see Dierks Bentley, sophomore year I saw Lady Gaga, and this year I was happy to visit Elliott again for Luke Brian. It’s a nice change of pace since usually I’m only in there to take Chemistry exams.

Well, it’s the end of the month (Happy Halloween!) and another great few weeks is on its way.

Boiler Up!

--- Colleen Troke

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