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Boiler Up!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Break in Nebraska

It’s actually kind of sad to realize that October has officially come and gone. October is always such an exciting month. With Homecoming events, Fall Break trips, and Halloween, it’s always guaranteed to be a busy, but fun-filled time of the fall semester.

However, my favorite part of October this year was definitely Fall Break. My friend Lauren and myself both have friends and family who go to the University of Nebraska Lincoln. We were excited to go on this trip not only to see our friends and family members, but also to go to a Cornhusker football game. (Yes, their mascot is a cornhusker!) UNL just joined the Big 10 this year and we were anxious to see them face Ohio State. I knew it would be a good game because I knew Nebraska was big on football. However, I did not completely understand how big until arriving to the game on Saturday night.

Memorial Stadium was packed. For several years now, every Cornhusker football game has been sold out. The atmosphere was different than a Boilermaker football game, but I made sure to let everyone know that I was a Boilermaker, not a Cornhusker!

At the half, Nebraska was down by 21 points. However, Nebraska came into the second half as a whole new team! They made the biggest comeback in Cornhusker history! It was definitely the most exciting half of football that I had ever witnessed in person! While my friends kept teasing me about Purdue football, I defended the Boilermakers and stayed true to my black and gold colors! Plus basketball season is coming up and Purdue has a lot to be excited about! BOILER UP!


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