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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mackey Arena Makeover

As a lot of you know the Mackey Arena has been getting a makeover for the last 2 years. There were a lot of complaints from the traffic problem around the arena to the new configuration of the student section. However, when I first walked into the arena last Friday night, all of those complaints went to the wayside. The new Mackey Arena was well worth all of the inconveniences over the past two. The newly renovated arena is now one of the top arenas in the country, with the best student section in the nation. Oh, there was also a basketball game played on Friday night too. It was the regular season opener against Northern Illinois; the team looked just as good as the new arena. Even though we lost two of the best players in Purdue history, E'Twaun Moore and JaJaun Johnson, we still looked like a top team in the country winning by 62. I had a lot of skepticism about this year’s basketball season, but after watching the game I think we will compete for the Big Ten championship.
--- Dan Mills

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