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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Surviving the Concrete Jungle

My last post was on a snow day. I am now sitting in my temporary room in the Bronx, positioned in front of a fan I bought at Target yesterday, with the temperature reading 100 degrees [and a heat index of 103].

It has been quite a year, and a rapid one at that. Time sure flies when you’re working hard; however, as much as last August feels like a month ago, these last eleven months have forever changed my intellect, persona, and outlook on life. Upon arriving, I had no idea what to expect. In fact, I wasn’t entirely comfortable with being out here, essentially alone, but I knew that this was where I needed to be to further hone my skills and love for this industry.

I feel blessed for the knowledge I gained from the Fashion Institute of Technology and my internship at Cynthia Rowley – how I view design and my role as a creative visionary has matured and expanded; I’m exploring all horizons. Above all, I learned a great deal about myself and what I am actually capable of. Aside from countless all-nighters, balancing a part time job to pay for groceries, 44 hours of beading one garment, spending an entire day in Illustrator alone, teaching myself at times due to less-than-great professors, and handling eight classes at a time, I gained so much more in the process. There’s that old cliché that goes: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I think that rings true for all of us, for we’ve all been at multiple breaking points, but somehow you get through it. You learn that crap happens and there’s nothing you can do about it [referring to anything from the wrong subway route to a buttonhole marking gone wrong] – you just do things differently the next time. There were even times I failed this semester. Due to time just not existing, my final for one class was only 70% done at the presentation. Under normal circumstances I would never let this occur. I knew, though, that all I had done was the best I was capable of doing all year, so I was okay; the point was that I learned something.
My time out here exposed me to cultural and national characteristics I never would have experienced in Indiana. As much as I appreciate where I am from, I have fallen in love with the east coast. Numerous people ask if I could see myself living in New York City. My answer: no. I believe it is an absolutely wonderful place to visit, eat, go out, or work in, but not live in – at least for me, personally. Due to multiple trips to Pine Beach, NJ to see family and other sporadic trips along the coast, I can definitely picture myself out here somewhere, though. The future holds many options, and there’s still a lot of life to live.

I’m looking forward to returning to Purdue this fall, to my roommates in our lovely house, and to all my close friends and family. There were points in this last year I didn’t think I could get through, but somehow I made it. It has been a tumultuous, expensive, interesting, yet wonderful and irreplaceable journey. I have just one month left, and I plan on savoring it. This city will be missed.


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