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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So I'm keeping super busy this summer. I have a physics class that's keeping me occupied, my job, and I'm doing research in a lab. One of my favorite things I've done this summer is my research. I'm working with Professor Laura Claxton in the Motor Development Lab in Lambert Fieldhouse. Being a part of this research has made me realize my love for kids. My major is Movement and Sport Sciences with a minor in Psychology, as well as a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy (but that's probably going to change soon). A class required for my major is HK 253, Principles of Motor Development. This is the class that Professor Claxton taught. It was an amazing class that made me want to learn more and more and more. I realized one way to do this was to see if I could do research with her this summer. Luckily, she wanted me! It's been an absolutely fantastic experience, and I'm so happy that I took the opportunity. The point of my rambling is to tell you all to be active! If you love learning something, dig deeper! See what your options are and take advantage of what your professors have to offer! They're here to help you plan out your future, not hinder it!

Thanks to this research opportunity and Professor Claxton, I've realized that physical therapy may not be my thing, but occupational therapy may be juuust right.

Elise Leung

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