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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm Ready!

The Spring semester is now well underway, and man, am I ready for some constant nice weather! Springtime at Purdue is one of my favorite times of year. After everyone having been stuck indoors for months, the first day of nice weather is always amazing. Everywhere you walk you see people throwing a football, Frisbee, or just lounging in the grassy areas of campus. Sure does make it hard to want to go to class! Unfortunately, we have awhile until these wonderful days come, and stick around. Thankfully, our Spring Break in March helps us make it through all this cold weather! Many times students will get a group of their friends and rent a hotel, house, or condo in Florida somewhere, or even go on a cruise! The nice thing about that is that since you have a big group, you split the cost and make the price decently affordable! This year, I (and nine of my friends!) am going to Miami! I am SO excited, because I've never been to Miami before!

I have been on Spring Break with basically the same group of people the past two years, and this year is looking to be one of the best! We have a condo in a high rise, with the beach right across the street, and a pool too! The last two years we stayed in the same house in Clearwater, Florida, and it was so much fun!

However, as much as I want to sit and think about the beach breeze, and laying out all day not thinking about a thing, unfortunately I still have to keep my feet on the ground and focus on my responsibilities. For example, I've had three exams recently, and a quiz, paper, and exam this week too! I also have been attempting to devote my time to studying for the GRE, which is the test I will have to take in order to get into graduate programs for Speech Pathology. So, until Spring Break, I've got lots to accomplish, but it will all be worth it when March 16th rolls around!

-- Ariel Demoret

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