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Monday, February 13, 2012

Smooth sailing to SB12... Well, Almost

3 exams this week... 1 Wednesday, 1 Thursday, 1 Friday... Yikes! What's keeping me motivated to study? SPRING BREAK 2012!! After these three exams, its smooth sailing (well, working out and papers to write, but no more huge exams!) until that wonderful holiday that every college student starts thinking about before they even return for the spring semester.

My best friend Abbie and I just recently decided that we were going to vacation together this year in Florida. Not the crazy and super touristy part of Florida, but the relaxing and calm part of Florida. Aaahhh, I can feel the sand between my toes now! Flip flops, ice cream, sun, and shopping. A week of paradise.

Visions of sandy beaches are dancing in my head. 26 days and counting :-)

-- Stacy Baker

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