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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Procrastination: the never-ending battle of now or later

We all struggle against it, some with greater success then others. Though a challenge to people everywhere, procrastination seems to manifest itself on college campuses at an entirely new level. Whether it is because campuses are full of youth living on their own for the first time or because our schedules are a string of deadlines with one test or assignment followed by another. While it is probably a combination of both as I approach my senior year I can say with confidence procrastination, in all of its many forms, is never your friend.

I could swear I moved into my dorm a few months ago, was taking my first finals just yesterday but, alas, that was actually two and a half years ago. As I am planning out my senior year courses and graduate school applications are looming grimly on the horizon I can count many things I am glad to have done throughout my 6 semesters. Conversely, there are many things I am starting today I wish I had started a year ago.

So advice to any new or current college student: don’t wait. Don’t wait to ask for help. Don’t wait to introduce yourself to your Professor. Don’t wait to get an internship. Don’t wait to step out of your comfort zone. Your self one-year from will now be happy you didn’t.

-- Maggie Flynn

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